Elevate your finance career with an INSEEC MSc degree
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Elevate your finance career with an INSEEC MSc degree

Specialised and professional — that’s how INSEEC’s MSc programmes stand out. 

INSEEC is a private management school that’s part of the OMNES Education group. Among the schools within this group, INSEEC stands out as a powerhouse of specialised management programmes. Catering to various backgrounds and aspirations, INSEEC offers bachelor’s degrees (including the Bachelor of Business Administration), the prestigious Grande École track, and Master of Science (MSc) degrees.

INSEEC’s MSc programmes are intensive one or two-year postgraduate programmes designed for individuals with a bachelor’s degree. State-certified and National Registry of Professional Certification-registered, this means your programmes have guaranteed quality and recognition.

INSEEC’s MSc students can tailor their education to specific career aspirations with a choice of 10 expertise areas and 42 diverse programmes. Source: OMNES Education

The MSc programmes are designed with the real world in mind. The curriculum closely tracks market trends and developments, ensuring you graduate with knowledge and skills that are relevant and in demand. A key aspect of this focus is the emphasis on professional experience. Through internships, apprenticeships, or even business creation opportunities, you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience while still studying.

The faculty at INSEEC are industry leaders, active executives, and entrepreneurs who bring their years of experience directly into the classroom. This ensures that you learn the latest and the most topical issues. Most importantly, you benefit from their extensive professional networks. And through group projects or consulting missions, you’ll get to see theories in action as you build crucial relationships with companies and amass valuable practical experience.

With 40 specialised MSc programmes divided into 10 areas of expertise, students can tailor their education to their specific career aspirations. Whether your interests lie in finance, real estate, marketing, digital and data, or luxury and wine, there’s an INSEEC programme that fits your needs and goals.

Take the Finance specialisation, for example. INSEEC’s Finance division, a recognised centre of expertise, offers the MSc in International Financial Analysis programme. Courses are taught by industry professionals, as befits a school proud of its specialised and professional approach to postgraduate education.

The MSc equips you with the technical and professional skills needed to excel in financial analysis. Among the core courses you’ll learn are business planning, business creation, business strategy, negotiation, and many more. You’ll also undergo rigorous technical training, mastering data collection and analysis of financial, social, and economic data.

The International Financial Analysis programme trains students to specialise in finance through expert-led courses. Source: OMNES Education INSEEC

The programme is available as a one-year or two-year option, catering to three-year and four-year bachelor’s degree holders. The goal is to transform you into a financial expert, preparing you for roles like credit analyst, financial analyst, asset manager, and customer relations manager. It also opens doors to professional certifications like Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) Certification and Bloomberg.

The best part? You’ll benefit from a dynamic and engaging teaching approach. Expect a blend of lectures, interactive workshops, real-world case studies, guest speaker sessions, and industry visits. Instead of traditional exams, you’ll be assessed through individual and group projects, presentations, and comprehensive analysis tasks.

At the end of the programme, you will have developed essential skills to advance your career in this field, such as strategic financial analysis, company performance management, financial sustainability, informed decision-making, and effective communication. You’re set to confidently navigate the career opportunities in this field and seize those that fit you best. 

The success of an INSEEC MSc programme is evident in its impressive graduate outcomes. The MSc in International Financial Analysis programme boasts a 90% overall satisfaction rate, a 95% success rate, and an 87% employability rate within six months of graduation amongst the Class of 2019 graduates. What’s more, 81% of graduates secure permanent contracts, highlighting the programme’s effectiveness in preparing students for fulfilling careers.

With an MSc from INSEEC, you’ll gain a degree and a solid investment in your future. With its focus on specialised knowledge, industry relevance, and practical experience, you’ll graduate ready to make an impact in your chosen field. With a strong professional network and a supportive learning environment, INSEEC provides the perfect platform to advance your finance career.

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