Empower your future with Mississippi State University’s online Master of Science in industrial and systems engineering and master the art of management systems engineering
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Empower your future with Mississippi State University’s online Master of Science in industrial and systems engineering and master the art of management systems engineering

With the demand for industrial engineers rapidly increasing, the need for managers who understand the field’s challenges is at an all-time high. The United States’s Bureau of Labour Statistics anticipates that industrial engineering will be a high-growth field from 2021 to 2031, with a growth rate exceeding 12% annually. Earning a graduate degree in industrial and systems engineering with a focus in management systems engineering can help advance your skill set, enabling entry into senior-level roles and increasing your earning potential.

Mississippi State University can support you in achieving just that with its Master of Science in industrial and systems engineering. This fully online degree programme offers a focus in management systems engineering (and five other concentrations), allowing you to discover and hone your skills while growing into a visionary leader. From project management to organisational behaviour, you’ll acquire a skill set beyond technical prowess, positioning you as a strategic thinker in today’s complex business landscape.

The best part? The programme is entirely online, allowing you the flexibility to complete the 30-credit-hour degree part time or full time. Our programme is crafted to meet ambitious professionals’ unique needs. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned industry expert, our flexible schedules and personalized support systems empower you to balance your educational journey with your professional commitments. Recorded class sessions, available within 24 hours, ensure that online students receive an equivalent educational experience to those on campus. That’s not all. A team of dedicated experts is available to support anyone facing academic, research, and technical challenges.

With programmes taught by the same award-winning faculty who teach the courses on the Starkville campus, Mississippi State University is dedicated to excellence in online education. MSU believes in shaping visionary leaders who understand the intricacies of the field and can excel at optimizing systems, enhancing productivity and leading with a forward-thinking approach. This ensures you stand apart in a competitive global environment. These experts genuinely enjoy teaching and research and have a proven track record of producing highly sought, top calibre engineers.

This programme is offered entirely online and can be completed asynchronously. Source: Mississippi State University

The Master of Science programme allows students to choose between thesis and non-thesis options. The thesis option is perfect for those who want to make their mark in academia, as it’s deeply rooted in research. In contrast, the non-thesis option is designed for those aiming for top positions in business and industry.

The management systems engineering concentration heightens understanding and capability in the engineering management area. This will give you the skills to apply an engineering approach to design and operate management systems. This specialisation paves the way to a managerial role.

When not creating new professional opportunities for students, the Mississippi State University Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering engages in cutting-edge research across multiple areas. Ranking 19th in the nation for research expenditures, its focus areas include management system engineering, optimisation and data informatics, human factors, ergonomics, athlete engineering, advanced manufacturing and production systems.

Brian Smith, an associate professor and undergraduate coordinator, exemplifies MSU’s research calibre. His work in management systems engineering, involving complex system modelling and process improvement, has been published in Quality Management Journal, Engineering Management Journal, and International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies. Smith leverages his industry experience with academic expertise in management systems engineering, optimisation, and decision analysis to provide novel breakthroughs and solutions. By learning from highly qualified faculty like Smith who offer a wide breadth of industry and research knowledge, you’ll get a glimpse into your career future.

The management systems engineering concentration allows engineers or management trainees to enter management careers seamlessly. Source: Mississippi State University

It’s no wonder success stories are plentiful among MSU’s industrial and systems engineering graduates. With a 95% job placement rate upon graduation, MSU’s ISE programme is regarded highly among employers, a roster that includes some of the world’s top companies. You’ll find MSU engineering graduates in fulfilling industry, academic and research-based careers, saddled with little to no student loan debt.

MSU’s online students benefit from the in-state tuition rate regardless of location. Tuition is currently US$537.00 per credit hour, with additional fees such as a US$200.00 per credit hour online fee and a US$25.00 per credit hour instructional support fee.

These fees are an investment you’ll make for your future — one where improved pay awaits. As of the latest CNBC report on Sept. 29, 2023, an industrial and systems enginering program prepares you for three of the highest-paying jobs in the U.S. a decade after graduation: No. 2 Operations Research + Industrial Engineering (US$191,800), No. 6 Operations Research (US$160,000) and No. 8 Systems Engineering (US$159,100).

Unlock your potential with Mississippi State University and embrace the future of engineering leadership and management systems. Apply now and shape a future that’s as bold and promising as you are.

Application deadlines for these programmes fall three times a year: June 1 for the fall semester, November 1 for the spring semester, and May 1 for the summer semester. In addition to the management systems engineering concentration, the programme offers five other concentration areas: data analytics, industrial systems, operations research, manufacturing systems, and human factors and ergonomics.

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