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Mississippi State University: Impactful Agribusiness Management degrees

The Department of Agricultural Economics at Mississippi State University is aware of the breakneck speed of technological advancements disrupting the worlds of agriculture and business. It is just as conscious about how the agribusiness sector is crucial in the race towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Master of Agribusiness Management (MSU MABM) was designed to nurture future leaders who can steer the industry in ways that can make a difference in communities, the state, the nation, and the world. Interdisciplinary in nature, the programme prepares students for a wide range of careers by combining core MBA courses with other components of agribusiness, such as accounting, finance, marketing, and agricultural economics.

What sets the MSU MABM apart is how flexible it is. It can be completed in an accelerated one-year format or fully online. The programme is 31 credit hours. You will complete at least 16 hours from the Department of Agricultural Economics, 9 hours from the College of Business, as well as a project to apply your new found knowledge. The college is the home of an online MBA programme ranked #1 in 2020 by Best Value Schools and #26 in 2019 by US News & World Report.

Since some courses are only offered at specific times of the year, advisors meet with students to design a master’s degree that aligns with their professional and personal goals.

Two weeks before the programme starts, you can join initiatives such as MBA Math and a one-week orientation. These help you get up to speed with the most foundational requirements in areas such as Financial Accounting, Financial Management, and Microeconomics before you begin the master’s programme.

That’s not all. Courses are in-depth and fully prepare students for the real world. In Strategic Marketing Management, you learn how to match marketing strategies with changing market conditions to enhance business performance. The course, among many others, will show you how marketing managers and senior managers play a role in creating and deploying marketing strategies.

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Two MABM student filming social media content which was used in an annual cattle conference Source: Mississippi State University

The result? Graduates attest how valuable the MABM has been in their careers. “The MABM programme has been a huge asset to both myself and my organisation. I have been able to use content directly from the programme to develop the programme I oversee,” shares Lane Milton, a 2023 MABM graduate and Genuine MS Programme Manager.

Louis Holbrook, another MABM graduate, agrees. Before graduating, he had multiple job offers. He chose to become an economic research analyst with Staplcotn, a regional cotton cooperative. Reflecting on his time in the MABM programme, he says, “The MABM programme prepared me in almost every way for the role I took at Staplcotn.” Holbrook has also earned multiple pay raises during his continued career with Staplcotn.

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The MABM can be completed fully online or on campus in as little as a year. Source: Mississippi State University

Catering to the best of both worlds

There’s no doubt our world is currently defined by digital transformation and a rapidly evolving global economy, which explains why the pursuit of higher education has transcended the confines of traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms. To cater to all who aspire to hone their agribusiness skills, the Department of Agricultural Economics has made its MABM flexible and accessible.

As a mid-career professional who wants to pivot into the agribusiness field or sharpen your strategic know-how, you can pursue the MABM completely online without setting aside your existing responsibilities. The balancing act can be fruitful, allowing you to apply what you learn in real time — closing the gap between theory and practice. There is also an accelerated one-year option for those studying on campus.

Regardless of which option you choose, qualified faculty members who are passionate about your personal and professional growth are there to guide you through this programme. Online instructors are certified in best practices for conducting virtual classes, while teaching staff in the class are award-winning and have real-world agribusiness experience.

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Professors at the Department of Agricultural Economics go the extra mile even after their students have completed the MABM programme. Source: Mississippi State University

Connections forged within the classes last long after students complete the programme. “Two weeks ago, I had a question that popped in my head at work and I knew one of my professors at MSU would have the answer to it,” shares Pate DeMuth, a 2018 MABM graduate. “So, I sent him an email. The next day, he sent me an email with spreadsheets and all of the information I was looking for.”

Interested? Learn more about the Master of Agribusiness Management at Mississippi State University here or reach out to staff members for more information.

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