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Source: Stenden South Africa - School of Hotel Management

Hospitality management is a dynamic and exciting career, giving professionals the chance for global travel and the ability to become successful leaders.

As the travel and tourism industry is thriving worldwide, there are vast opportunities for graduates in this arena.

According to the  US Travel and Hospitality Outlook report, “2019 marks a decade since the US travel industry emerged from the depths of economic recession. And what a decade it’s been.

“Over the past ten years, the recovery collided with an economic turning point in global emerging markets— fueling a historic burst in travel demand felt by segments across the travel industry.”

Global trends in Hospitality Management are following suit and showing no signs of slowing down.

As the World Tourism Council states in the Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2019 report,  “The continued rise in the number of middle class households and the solid growth in global consumer spending once again enabled the Travel & Tourism sector’s growth to reach 3.9%, outpacing the global economy for the eighth consecutive year.

“The USA, China, Japan, Germany and the UK were the top five markets in 2018, collectively representing 47% of the global Travel & Tourism GDP.”

The report also stated that this growth is continuing to lead to the creation of jobs. The travel and tourism industry already supports one in every ten jobs on the planet, accounting for one in five of all jobs created across the world over the past five years.

For those looking for a stable and secure profession with plenty of different areas for specialization, one were you can acquire multiple skillsets that enhance both your professional career and personal aspirations, a career in hospitality management would be a wise choice.

These leading universities across the globe are offering dynamic degrees and qualifications in hospitality management.


Stenden South Africa is a private tertiary institution located in the coastal town of Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, offering a three-year Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Hospitality Management under the School of Hotel Management.

The town is a preferred destination for international and local students for its safety and security, where students enjoy a vibrant student life enriched by various clubs and societies.

Source: Stenden South Africa – School of Hotel Management

There are plenty of ways that students get hands-on training in the field of hospitality management.  Throughout the programme, they apply theory to practice at the campus’s own four-star boutique hotel, MyPond Hotel, a fully operational hotel which provides a real-world working environment for students to learn from.

Students also gain international exposure through the Grand Tour programme, where they can go on a student exchange at one of their international campus sites situated in Bali, Bangkok, Doha or the Netherlands.

As the programme embodies Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Design Based Education (DBE), students are divided into small groups and are given actual real-life problems to solve so they’re well-prepared for their future careers.

All this means graduates are seen as preferred candidates by employers – that’s why the school has a 97 percent employment rate upon graduation.


At this US university, the well-established hospitality business school offers quality programmes in the field, standing as one of the top-ranking hospitality schools in the US and the world.

The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business fosters leaders through a blend of theory and practical application, drawing from three major areas of study: integrative studies, business and hospitality.

Students become well-versed through an industry-specific curriculum that keeps up with the changing trends, taught by expert faculty.

Source: MSU School of Hospitality Business

Students also receive practical learning and experience in the form of two paid internships – a requirement of the undergraduate programme.

The school prepares students to become qualified for management positions in the different areas of Hospitality Management, such as lodging, food and beverage service, consulting, event planning, human resources, sales, information systems, marketing and real estate investment management.

Students can also study abroad through HB Education Abroad Programs, receiving global exposure to diverse environments, preparing them for international careers in the field.


At this hotel management school in China, the curriculum is based on Swiss hospitality which is internationally renowned.

Students here acquire all the skills needed to thrive in the industry through practical modules in the institution’s purpose-built labs, as well as experiential learning in hospitality businesses.

The school offers a number of programmes in hospitality management such as BBA in Global Hospitality Management, MBA in Global Hospitality Management, Master’s in International Hotel Management, and more.


Through the semester abroad programme, students interact with learners from different backgrounds and cultures while further developing leadership skills and independence and gaining global perspective.

The semester-long programme enables students to learn in Switzerland, the home of hospitality, at the Bluche campus; or in Spain at the Les Roches Marbella campus.

Students also have the chance to complete an internship and gain even more practical learning experience.


EHL is one of the world’s leading hospitality management schools, located in Switzerland. The Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality grants students the ideal foundation to launch an international career in the field, with its combination of hands-on learning, industry immersion and applied academic projects.

The degree offers students the choice of either an academic or professional pathway, where they can tailor their learning experiences and internships.


Both pathways provide opportunities to get involved in real-world business consultancy projects in the final semester on the Lausanne campus.

Master degrees include the Master in Global Hospitality Business and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospitality.

They also benefit from the nearby Innovation Village – a hospitality and food ecosystem for students, alumni, entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, investors, artists and visitors to discover the latest trends in hospitality.

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