Hospitality Management studies
Source: Kenvale College

The Tourism and Hospitality industry is thriving globally, thanks to the growth of the middle class in countries like China, who can now afford to travel more.

Plus, the rise of e-commerce has made apps like extremely popular, making travel more accessible and affordable to the masses.

According to data from STR, “The occupancy rate of hotels in the United States was 71.4 percent as of August 2019. The occupancy rate for August and the majority of the other months has shown consistent year-to-year growth over the past nine years.”

Data also showed that “Europe’s hotel industry reported mostly positive results in the three key performance metrics during Q1 2019.”

Similarly, countries in the Asia Pacific such as Malaysia and Thailand have also seen high occupancy rates over the last few years.

That’s why a degree in Hospitality Management Studies positions you to enjoy a successful career in the field with plenty of opportunities in different sectors, provided you are armed with the tools for success.

Hospitality Management studies

Source: Boston Business School

Several hospitality departments and schools today are equipping students with the skills needed to thrive, such as communication, cultural competence, adaptability and teamwork.

They are also working with industry to provide students with hands-on experience and experiential learning so they can be prepared for the challenges that come with the dynamic nature of the business.

Here are four examples of schools that lead the way in Hospitality Management studies, opening doors to endless opportunities in the field:


As Australia’s first private hospitality college, Kenvale has a strong reputation in the field with almost fifty years’ experience in hospitality and events.

The College specialises exclusively in Hospitality Management, Commercial Cookery and Event Management, where students are considered to be among the finest in the industry.

At Kenvale, you get the best of both worlds in quality education and paid industry employment. The dedicated industry liaison team prioritises each individual student, helping them find paid industry employment at the beginning of their course.

Hospitality Management studies

Source: Kenvale College

The combination of industry-led knowledge, hands-on experience, and focus on humanity and service ensures students begin their career from the moment they start at Kenvale.

The quality education and paid industry employment offered by the college is based on partnership with leading industries and hospitality businesses that provide students with several opportunities to gain practical knowledge and experience in their areas of study.

Industry connections have been developed and nurtured through many decades, spanning a wide range of hospitality brand names such as Radisson Blu, Four Seasons and Intercontinental.

The college tailors the curriculum and teaching methods to meet the needs of the hospitality and tourism industry, shaping future hospitality leaders.

That’s why Kenvale graduates are at the forefront of the hospitality industry, well-versed on both current and future trends.

Students enjoy weekly paid employment with leading industry partners, gaining access to an assigned personal mentor, studying in a personalised and innovative learning environment, and learning from award-winning staff who are also experts in the industry.


Located in Adelaide, Australia, ICHM was jointly-established in 1992 by the State Government of South Australia, the Swiss Hotel Association and the Lipman family. It has since been acquired by Charles Darwin University.

Hospitality Management studies

Source: International College of Hotel Management

The Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) helps students develop an understanding of the basics of business in the industry from a management perspective, preparing them for an international career across different hospitality businesses.

ICHM delivers outstanding career prospects, as 95 percent of students secure jobs in the field after graduation.

This is largely due to the structure of programmes at ICHM, where students undertake a 21-week study semester in addition to a 20 to 25-week industry placement that’s usually paid.

Early in the semester, students meet with Industry Career and Development managers who research available positions at hotels and organisations for students, and formally apply on their behalf.

Due to the partnership with the Swiss Hotel Association, ICHM has strong industry links with over 400 hotels, resorts and other hospitality management providers, such as Hilton, Hyatt and Accor Hotels.


Located in Singapore, Boston Business School holds a strong reputation in Hospitality Management studies, delivering a variety of industry-relevant, specialised hospitality management courses.

Hospitality Management studies

Source: Boston Business School

For example, the Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Management is an entry-level course for local and international students, preparing them for their first step in the hospitality sector.

In this course, students through subjects such as Lodging, Travel and Tourism, English for Hospitality, Personal Grooming and Development, and Food and Beverage Services.

The course consists of six-months of classroom-based theory followed by six months of internship. The internship programme is tailored to focus on students’ career development so they can gain real-world experience and get the chance to develop the soft skills needed to succeed in the industry.

There is also the CTH Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management (QCF), designed to be equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor’s degree.

In this course, students learn through subjects such as Rooms Division Operations, Food and Beverage Operations, and Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality.

This diploma prepares students for immediate employment after graduation, or serves as a pathway for advanced study in the CTH Level 5 Diploma.


This school has grown to include eight campuses across New Zealand, and is part of the New Education Group – New Zealand’s leading independent provider of vocational training.

Hospitality Management studies

Source: New Zealand School of Tourism

Specialising in training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries, this school regularly develops graduates who are ready to become leaders and capable employees in Hospitality Management.

The two-year Travel & Tourism Management Programme is ideal for those looking for a career in tourism management or related supervisory positions.

During the first year, students are trained in the different areas of Hospitality Management studies, such as airlines, airport, cruise companies, hotel, tourist attractions, travel agency, iSITE and event management, helping them make decisions about which area of the industry they’d most like to enter.

In Year 2, the course is focused on Walt Disney World, followed by learning from five top New Zealand tourism companies.

There are also two study tours where students visit Hobbiton and Waitomo Adventures in the North Island, as well as enjoying Skyline Skyrides, Real Journeys and AJ Hackett Bungy in the South Island. This provides students with opportunities to meet and learn from those working in the operations side of businesses.

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