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Stenden South Africa - School of Hotel Management

Hospitality Management is a broad field with plenty of opportunities for graduates where they can work across a wide range of industries around the globe.

The three-year Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality Management at Stenden South Africa, School of Hotel Management is one such degree in this field that offers the ideal blend of practical and theoretical learning which develops future leaders in the industry.

A degree in Hospitality Management equips students with the transferable skills valued by employers today, such as communication, collaboration, adaptability and teamwork. These are the very skills students will gain in this programme at Stenden South Africa, preparing them for exciting and dynamic careers in the field.

The travel and tourism industry is booming worldwide, seeing rapid growth with the rise of e-commerce websites offering budget deals and accommodation such as Airbnb and Booking.com.

According to a report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, “Travel & Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors across the world, characterised by part-time and seasonal working opportunities, and requirements for skilled and unskilled labour. As such, it presents great opportunities for younger people who may have difficulty in finding employment.”

At Stenden South Africa, the campus aims to develop future managers and leaders in the industry, offering a comprehensive degree with plenty of industry-relevant knowledge so that graduates hit the ground running.

Here, students receive practical learning from the very first year of their programme, and receive a broad-based education that qualifies them to work in several sectors of the industry, thus boosting their employability.

During their course, they learn about several different aspects of Hospitality Management such as operations management, event management, kitchen production process, and more.

In their second year, they can choose to specialise with the following minors: Events Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategic Revenue Management, Hotel Opening Management, Lodge Management, Wildlife Management, Advanced Wine Studies, International Human Resources Management, Change and Innovation Management, Food Security, and Conflict Resolution.

Classes are taught in small class sizes which allow for plenty of discussion and interaction with their teachers and classmates.

Teaching is based on problem-based learning, design-based education and real-world application, allowing students to develop 21st-century industry skills.

Stenden South Africa – School of Hotel Management

Real industry learning at the Institute’s very own learning hotel

The campus is situated in a beautiful and safe environment on the east coast of South Africa, in the heart of the sunshine coast, Port Alfred.

Located on the banks of the Kowie River is the Institute’s MyPond Hotel, a beautiful four-star boutique hotel where Stenden South Africa’s students receive valuable hands-on training.

In the first year of their programme, students learn operational skills, build their foundation within a hotel environment, work with real guests and get a genuine taste of hospitality work.

In their second year, they act as supervisors for the new batch of first-year students. They then progress to become managers at the hotel during the third and final year of the programme.

In addition to MyPond, the Institute has over 300 carefully-selected industry partners around the world where students are placed for internships as part of their degree requirement.

Students also receive the opportunity to focus on research projects through applied real-world research questions which include studying real-life cases with hotels, lodges and other hospitality establishments.

Preparing students for international work environments

Stenden South Africa – School of Hotel Management

Students today need exposure to international working environments due to the world becoming increasingly interconnected.

In the field of Hospitality Management, it is even more essential due to the global opportunities available to graduates in this industry.

Stenden South Africa ensures students receive this necessary exposure by providing multiple opportunities for international work experience, such as optional minors, internships or regular modules and semesters. For example, they can do a campus hop “Grand Tour” to one of the Institute’s international campus sites, located in Indonesia, Thailand, Qatar or the Netherlands.

Students can participate in the Study Abroad (Grand Tour) programme through regular modules such as the International Hospitality Management Programme (in South Africa, Qatar, Indonesia and the Netherlands), the International Business and Management Studies (in Qatar and the Netherlands) and the International Tourism Management Programme (in Qatar and the Netherlands).

Alternatively, they can specialise in niche fields such as Cruise Line Management, Spa Management, Digital Marketing, Mindful Leadership, International Relations, Marketing and Management in Asia, Spa and Health Business Concepts, Community-based Tourism, International Destination Branding Specialisation, and Gastronomy – all of which also allow study abroad opportunities.

Through these global opportunities, students will be able to travel, experience cultural diversity, gain international exposure, broaden their horizons and network with people from around the world.

With these in hand, it’s no surprise graduates of Stenden South Africa are employed all over the globe, from the US to China and from Australia to Africa.

Most graduates hold high profile jobs in international organisations such as international hotel groups, wine estates, events companies, cruise liners, game reserves, airports and travel agencies.

Several graduates have also started their own companies, restaurants, guest houses and revenue management firms.

Through the multiple ways that the Institute is preparing students for the thriving Hospitality Management industry, it’s no wonder that the department has a 97 percent graduate employment rate.

Kickstart your career at the School of Hotel Management at Stenden South Africa and you’ll be well on your way to future success in Hospitality Management.

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