CSUN: Kickstart your international student experience in Los Angeles

A learning environment conducive to innovation, experimentation and creativity, California State University, Northridge (CSUN) serves as an insightful international study experience for all who enrol.

At CSUN, graduates evolve into leaders. Committed to sustaining a democracy in which diverse people share in the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, students soon become proficient in applying technology to wise purposes and dedicated to securing a humane world community while sustaining the bounty of the earth. Located in the centre of Northridge, Los Angeles, you’ll live in an incredible US study abroad destination while receiving a collaborative and multi-layered education in a technologically rich workspace.

Study in the Golden State

If you want to experience the ‘Golden State’ of California while pursuing your degree, CSUN is the ultimate travel hub for students looking to explore nearby destinations such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, Disneyland and California’s sandy beaches!

Set upon a safe and diverse campus with plenty of nearby shops and restaurants, studying at CSUN grants you access to an eco-friendly 138,000 square foot Student Recreation Centre with spin classes, boot camp classes and yoga, plus an Oasis Wellness Centre, Oviatt Library and Student Health Centre.

There’s also the award-winning Younes and Soraya Nazarian Centre for the Performing Arts on campus,  which has quickly become one of the cultural jewels of the greater Los Angeles region. Alternatively named The Soraya, it offers a vibrant performance programme of nearly 50 classical and popular music, dance, theatre, family and international events each season.

Source: CSUN

Intrigued by the abundance of facilities CSUN has to offer?

If so, take a tour of the campus either virtually or book a walking tour online.

After viewing and touring local college campuses, BA History student Oshae C. Rodgers found CSUN to be the most endearing campus, considerate of learners’ wellbeing.

“I just felt like a number on some of the tours,” Oshae explains, “but when I got to CSUN, someone sat down with me and said, ‘Let’s look at your credits here and in Albuquerque and see how we can get you into CSUN.’ It was very personal and I immediately knew I was home.”

Apply for the Student Success Pathways programme

If you want an extra year to study in the United States to gain a long-lasting American university experience, take a look at the CSUN Student Success Pathway Programme.

Ideal for pre-bachelor international students wishing to earn 15 units of transferrable academic credit and start their education at CSUN, another university, or to simply have a gap year before starting their higher education experience, the programme equips you with the skills essential to university-level learning.

“The transition to college life was a little bit of a culture shock. It’s a big school and I was living on my own for the first time,” Marissa Favela, BS in Public Health student notes, “But as I look back, I realise it was a good experience.”

Source: CSUN

Understanding the multitude of personal and academic challenges students must overcome while studying abroad, the Student Success Pathways programme prioritises your wellbeing with professional advice, tutoring and student support.

CSUN classes, combined with potential Los Angeles field trips via specific SSP modules and the freedom to enrol in CSUN summer classes, enables you to go further and experience more than most.

The deadline to apply to for the Fall 2019 SSP programme is June 30, 2019. For further information about the application process, click here.

Advance your academic English language skills

Another way to be pre-approved for admission to CSUN, or a partnering college or university, before meeting the English language proficiency requirements for admission to these institutions is the Intensive English Programme with Conditional Admission (IEPCA).

This Intensive English Programme is designed to assist non-native speakers of English in improving their academic English language skills. Once you achieve proficiency or receive a TOEFL Waiver, you can quickly enter your desired degree programme.

Please note that the TOEFL Waiver is available to students who apply for conditional admission to the university and complete the university bridge levels of the programme with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students completing University Bridge A in all courses are eligible for an undergraduate TOEFL Waiver, while students completing University Bridge B are eligible for a graduate.

Source: CSUN

By applying for this programme, you’ll also be offered free activity classes that provide you with opportunities to study subjects of interest and practice your English in areas such as American Films and Culture, TOEFL preparation, writing for the IEP newspaper and more. You can even sign up for multiple classes and take from three to 12 hours of activity classes per week.

Plus, you’ll dramatically enhance your reading, writing, speaking, listening, public speaking and presentation, research and writing skills. As well as your knowledge on key areas such as TOEFL and IELTS Preparation, grammar, conversation and vocabulary.

So, if you’re ready to study in the sunny state of California, to build a pathway to personal and professional success with the SSP programme or to advance your English-language skills with the IEPCA, click here and enter the dynamic world of CSUN today.

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