CSUN: Elevate your potential with the Student Success Pathway programme

Offering a US study abroad experience unlike any other, California State University, Northridge (CSUN), is the ultimate location for adventurous, academic international students.

Known as the jewel of the San Fernando Valley, the neighbourhood of Northridge in Los Angeles is brimming with shops, cafes and a safe student community.

Home to the CSUN Botanic Garden, as well as the Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium, CSUN is a travel hub for students who wish to explore nearby destinations such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, Disneyland and California’s sandy beaches.

The campus itself has a 138,000 square foot Student Recreation Centre with spin classes, boot camp classes and yoga, plus an Oasis Wellness Centre, Oviatt Library and Student Health Centre – all of which are open and available to international students.

In addition, you’ll receive academic and career counselling, along with free one-to-one tutoring to assist you with your educational development.

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The CSUN Student Success Pathway programme (SSP)

If a study abroad experience in Los Angeles matches your ambitions, but you want an extra year to study in the United States and gain an American university experience, the CSUN Student Success Pathway programme is a promising route to take.

Perfect for pre-bachelor international students looking to earn 15 units of transferrable academic credit and start their education at CSUN, another university, or are simply seeking a gap year before starting their higher education experience, the programme equips you with the skills essential to university learning. In this engaging, multidisciplinary curriculum, credit courses include: Approaches to University Writing A and B; Language Matters; and Survey of the History of Latin America and Mathematics (based on your placement test score).

Non-credit courses include: English for Math; Succeeding in the US Higher Education System; and Discourse & Communication.

Through the Approaches to University Writing A module, you’ll enhance your English language skills and learn how to write academic essays, express ideas orally, read and understand literature and construct proper sentences. It also satisfies the requirements for Linguistics 113B, which students must pass to gain entrance to the university.

Following this, the University Writing B module will grant you a deeper understanding of written and spoken English. You’ll also develop logical arguments, use evidence to support your work and be introduced to English as Second Language (ESL) instruction on diction, grammar, syntax and style.

Allowing you to further your appreciation of the rich history and diversity of human knowledge, discourse and achievements, the Language Matters unit includes courses in the arts, literature, religion and philosophy and helps you analyse how language affects society and identity.

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Tackling comparative cultures, the SSP Survey of the History of Latin America module offers the chance to study Latin American cultures and societies and explore how the region’s past helped shape its present. Paired with potential Los Angeles field trips, this insightful study area adds to your positive CSUN experience.

Along with additional modules, a few of the categories mentioned include courses with CSUN’s general population (degree-seeking students), providing you with an inclusive learning environment and helping you meet new friends at the university.

The deadline to apply to for the Fall 2019 SSP programme is June 15 2019, so if this has sparked your interest, click here to find out more.

The CSUN Intensive English programme with Conditional Admission (IEPCA)

California State University, Northridge, also offers the Intensive English Programme with Conditional Admission (IEPCA) into undergraduate or graduate programmes.

By entering this programme, you can be pre-approved for admission to CSUN or a partnering college or university before meeting the English-language proficiency requirements for admission to these institutions.

Designed to assist non-native English speakers to enhance their academic English-language skills, if you achieve great results, you can quickly enter your desired degree programme at CSUN or other specified universities/colleges, and you’ll receive a TOEFL Waiver if you apply for conditional admission to the university and complete the university bridge levels of the programme with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The Intensive English programme’s courses provide instruction in all language skill areas, such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, public speaking and presentation, and in other areas such as TOEFL and IELTS preparation, grammar, conversation and vocabulary.

Based on the results of your placement exam, you may begin your studies in one of the following IEP levels: Foundation (beginning), Academic Skills (intermediate) or University Bridge (advanced).

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Elevate your academic potential with CSUN

One of the largest public universities in California, CSUN has decades of experience hosting international students from all over the world.

By choosing the Student Success Pathway (SSP) programme, you’ll receive conditional admission eligibility, academic credits toward graduation, tutoring and student support, integrated classes with CSUN students and the ability to enrol in CSUN summer classes.

Alternatively, if you opt for the Intensive English Programme with Conditional Admission (IEPCA), you may improve your academic English-language skills and be pre-approved for admission to CSUN or a partnering university.

The future is yours at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

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