5 creative arts school Instagram accounts students love to follow
Could you see yourself studying at any of these creative arts schools? Source: Laura Highgrace/Unsplash

For a creative arts school or college, Instagram acts as the ideal marketing platform to showcase student work and frame recent research revelations.

As a visual and valuable storyboard, a school has the chance to tell their story through a series of images pieced together by a fluent brand message.

Acknowledging that Instagram use is at an all-time high, it’s the perfect way to attract aspiring students to the website and witness the progression of the creative arts school.

So here are five Instagram pages that caught the eyes of Study International

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Baltimore School for the Arts – US

Demonstrating how Baltimore students connect with local businesses and collaborate on projects, this creative arts school proudly frames its learners’ latest activities.

Posts like the one above catch the viewer’s eye with their use of colour, causing scrollers to resonate with the post and put themselves in the student’s shoes.

By imagining themselves featured on Baltimore’s Instagram one day increases the liklihood of them applying to the school!

The International School of Creative Arts – UK


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Sharing stunning imagery of students’ portfolios, the International School of Creative Arts in the UK features beautiful creations and inspiring innovations.

Drawing potential future students in with bespoke designs, it’s a page booming with out-of-the-box ideas and free flow installations – ideal for creatives with an untameable talent.

ArtCenter College of Design – US

Displaying a student testimonial alongside their work, ArtCenter in California spotlights learners’ designs on its Instagram page.

By taking an interest in the real-world stories of their students, the school presents itself as a caring and considerate institution that supports each and every learner.

Sydney Design School – Australia


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Meet Anna | Last week more than 60 students graduated from our School. Among them was Anna Jaques (right) who won the Most Outstanding Student Award for the Certificate IV evening class – presented by Romy Atwill (left) of @furnishandfinishstyling who sponsored the award. Big congratulations Anna!⁠ _⁠ Think you’re too busy to change careers or study at night? Just listen to Anna’s story…⁠ Anna has 4 adult children who she loves to have over for dinner and she holds down a very busy job as a vaccine scientist. She says she “works crazy hours” and travels frequently to New York for work. When she takes leave, Anna runs a free healthcare clinic for the impoverished in rural areas outside Siem Reap, Cambodia. On top of all those commitments Anna thrived studying interior decoration with us in the evenings and loved every minute of it. “I wish that I was 30 years younger and that I’d known about interior design then. This has been an incredible experience and this is an amazing award”, said Anna.⁠ _⁠ Interested? We have a few spaces remaining in our Cert IV evening class which starts on Monday 22 July. You know what to do: hit the link in our bio to find out more and enrol.⁠ _⁠ #sydneydesignschool #SDSgrad19 #SDScommunity #designstudent #interiordesigneducation #lovelearning #commitmenttostudents #interiordesignaustralia ⁠ #floorplans #conceptboard #designboard #interiordesignstudent #eveningclasses

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Rather than continuously featuring younger students, Sydney Design School grants scrollers an insight into its mature students’ lives.

In this case, the school has paid homage to Anna Jaques, a student that “has 4 adult children…and holds down a very busy job.”

Inspiring creative students of all ages, this creative arts school presents itself as open and diverse.

Creative Academy Milano – Italy

Radiating a sense of togetherness, the Creative Academy Milano in Italy appears to be a community of like-minded creatives.

Pictured enjoying a party together and regular team events, their Instagram account appeals to aspiring students due to its fun, engaging posts, happy faces and welcoming nature.

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