#Instagram intervention: How to stop scrolling and start studying
Is Instagram to blame for less studying? Source: Rawpixel/Unsplash

Do you ever use your valuable study time to scroll through Instagram instead?

Known to provoke strong emotions of jealousy and stress, the endless habit of scrolling through the grid-based photo platform takes its tolls on users.

Its damaging effect on users’ minds was demonstrated by a recent Harper’s Bazaar advice column where one reader wrote in saying, “I have a really bad habit of obsessively scrolling Instagram and thinking that everyone is living a more exciting, stylish, and fun life than me. I can’t stop comparing myself to other people’s photos- from fashion influencers to my own friends. I know it’s completely insane, but I always worry about how my Instagram grid looks…how can I stop?”

Unfortunately, this Instagram user won’t be the only one out there who is obsessed with scrolling through photoshopped images and using their valuable time to see what other users are up to on a daily basis.

Running a trial to hide the number of likes on posts, Instagram wanted to make their user experience feel less like a competition and to counteract envious emotions.

But before (or if) this takes a permanent effect, why not try to cut down on your Instagram intake and to increase your study habits?

How easy is it to take your eyes away from the Instagram grid? Source: Angela Franklin/ Unsplash

#Stop Scrolling Challenge

Have you ever heard of the 10 Day #StopScrolling Challenge?

For free, this online initiative helps you to go on a social media ban without the need for deactivation of your account or a pressurised detox.

Instead, over the 10 days they will send you just one daily task for free, to your inbox.

A quick sign up procedure, you’ll start receiving emails when the first challenge starts. As they outline, the challenge starts every Sunday, so you’ll receive your first email on the first Sunday after signing up!

Alternatively, you can design your own challenge and ask your university friends to join it with you. With moral support, you can set up a time schedule of scrolling hours and replace them with group study sessions instead.

Counteract your Insta-addiction with interesting hobbies. Source: Campbell Boulanger/ Unsplash

#Immerse yourself in an active sport 

Did you hear about the latest study by Nature that showed people who experience nature for at least 120 minutes per week are more likely to report good health and psychological wellbeing?

“A growing body of epidemiological evidence indicates that greater exposure to, or ‘contact with’, natural environments (such as parks, woodlands and beaches) is associated with better health and well-being.

“While the quantity and quality of evidence varies across outcomes, living in greener urban areas is associated with lower probabilities of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, asthma hospitalisation, mental distress and ultimately mortality among adults,” the study notes.

Therefore, why not explore those lush campus grounds of yours and get involved in a university hiking or sports group?

Not only will this reduce your scrolling habits, as you’ll be too tied up with competitive matches or adventurous explorations, it will also benefit your mental and physical health!

Arching your back over the screen can have serious health implications. Source: Shutterstock

#Unfollow, unfollow and unfollow!

How many pages are you following that you know provoke feelings of envy within you?

By unfollowing the accounts you think distract you most, your scrolling time will surely lessen.

Instead, you’ll just be getting quick updates of your closest friend’s pages and accounts that really benefit your life for the better.

It’s almost too easy to click that follow button, or to feel the need to follow someone back out of courtesy.

Your account is for your benefit, nobody else’s.

So use it as you please and follow who you like. If you do this, in the long run, you may spend less time scrolling and more time studying!

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