College Prep Academy at TCNJ – A cultural learning experience

“For a small school, there are so many different ways to get involved and it is at TCNJ where I felt I would be more than just a number. Academically, each student has the same drive and passion for learning as I do, which motivates me to be the very best student I can be.” – Claire, TCNJ Biology student, Class of ‘17

Nestled just one hour from the global city players of Philadelphia and New York, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is a known high flyer of US higher education. As a highly-selective institution founded in 1855, TCNJ harnesses the transformative power of education to inspire deep critical thinkers, responsible global citizens, and lifelong learners and leaders.

Ranked by Money as one of the Top 15 public colleges most likely to bring future financial rewards, on top of coming in No 1 among regional universities in the Northeast, the College has long been recognized as an academic pioneer in the heart of the US. However, this school’s greatest asset has always been its people, and wistful tales of alumni satisfaction can be heard in all corners of the globe.

“I have always wanted to go to school in New Jersey,” says Allie, student of Communication Studies at TCNJ, Class of ’16. “I found TCNJ and instantly fell in love; it was the perfect size and location, it’s beautiful, the classes are small and it is a very good school. When I visited for the first time I knew it was perfect,” she adds.

“Everyone was so nice and friendly and I felt as if I belonged. And I absolutely love it here. I couldn’t even imagine having a better college experience. I love the people, my professors, advisor, classes, friends, my floor, elk, everything…I don’t get homesick because already I feel like I have a family here. I am so grateful I chose TCNJ; it was the best choice of my life.”

The world-class College Prep Academy helps set the college apart from competition, providing a specialized platform for international high school students. This short-term cultural learning journey prepares participants to excel in future studies, allowing them to continue their educational legacy in the US. Here, you will receive first-hand advice on the college search and application process, allowing you to become a smarter consumer of US higher education as you choose your ideal institution, and, in turn, maximize your investment.

Your days will be full of interactive seminars and workshops, instilling you with the confidence and competence needed to ease the university transition. Not only this, but co-ordinated evening and weekend activities introduce you to the quintessential US college experience, giving you the crucial taste of life that means you won’t want to leave. Here, you will not just meet but also learn from current college students, hearing their stories of development and growing from their success.

In addition to neighboring cities, students here can relax and enjoy themselves in the vibrant Campus Town. They will find plenty of enticing venues, shops and restaurants, including Lion Dog – the buzzing hot dog joint – as well as a pizza place, Insomnia Cookies, Japanese and Mexican eateries and student healthcare and medical facilities.

One thing that ensures TCNJ’s College Prep students remain happy and comfortable is the emphasis placed on safety and security. Round-the-clock care and support is on hand from your very first day, beginning with pick-ups and drop-offs by staff the moment you land. On top of this, TCNJ’s dedicated police officers are on constant patrol, helping you feel at ease as you settle into your new home. Residential staff work through the night to keep you safe, while activity leaders, workshop and seminar instructors serve as chaperones and daytime support for on and off-campus activities and events.

College Prep students reap the benefits of TCNJ’s unique position. Situated in the US region that boasts the highest concentration of colleges and universities, Academy participants gain a wealth of exposure to a wide range of institutions. The perks however, do not stop there; you will also gain access to TCNJ’s experienced members of the faculty – many of whom have backgrounds in the Ivy League.  Academy participants will meet and spend time with faculty, gaining invaluable insight for their future academic and career aspirations as well as expanding their network of support.

“I applied early to TCNJ and to this day, I believe it has been the best decision I’ve ever made,” says Dana Joy, Class of ’15. “TCNJ is such an amazing place with astounding professors, students and overall friendly campus. Students and their parents often ask why I chose a New Jersey state school when I live in Pennsylvania,” the former student concludes. “I take pride in telling them that it was because it was (and still is) the perfect fit for me and I could not be happier!”

TCNJ have a limited number of program seats. Submit your application by March 31st for priority admission and to be considered for a scholarship!

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