6 Schools that are the ideal destination for college prep
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Students fresh out of high school often question whether college is the right place for them. It’s perfectly normal to feel uncertain, but it’s likely to be a choice you won’t regret, as many consider a college education to be the most valuable investment you can make – both personally and financially.

One of the greatest things about going to college is the fact that students can oversee their own classroom schedules, selecting their own programmes so they explore topics they love in greater detail. Here, students also the chance to explore life outside the classroom, as many institutions provide a wide range of campus activities that include everything from volunteer opportunities, to stage performances and sporting competitions.

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College also represents a golden opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zones, to create new experiences and gain sought-after skills. After all, this is an environment where students start to develop into mature, independent adults and become truly responsible for themselves. The benefits of a college education are broad and long-lasting, instilling students with expertise that propel them to the top as they enter the graduate sphere.

And despite an increasingly competitive employment market, prospects for recent graduates remain bright, with Forbes reporting that those with college degrees are generally bring home higher average earnings.

If you think college could be the right choice for you or your child, here are 6 schools that are the ideal destination for college preparation…


With over 125 years of education excellence, the Hoosac School prides itself on nurturing students who think independently, who develop a personal style and who search for original and inventive answers to complex global issues. Located in the capital region of New York, this coeducational college preparatory school encourages a strong sense of community through its small class sizes, on- and off-campus activities and an annual yule log celebration.

Image courtesy of Hoosac School

Image courtesy of Hoosac School

The School offers a broad-based curriculum in five major academic areas as well as athletics and arts programmes. The Hoosac faculty makes class interesting through animated discussions, hands-on learning projects, experiments, papers and presentations. Understanding that every student learns at a different pace, the School caters to different learning styles and creates a comprehensive plan to address them. The School also has a SUCCESS programme, specifically-designed to help pupils with learning difficulties.


Located on a 153-acre campus in Perthshire, the Strathallan independent boarding and day school is situated in a lovely environment that has plenty of greenery and the chance for students to explore the outdoors. The School offers a variety of academic work, sports, arts and activities to ensure every student has the opportunity to do well which, in turn, builds their confidence.

The School’s curriculum embraces both Scottish and English systems, granting students an extensive choice of subjects and courses that suit their range of interests. And due to its fantastic location, learning goes far beyond the classroom. Students at boarding school get to work with others and learn new skills, make new friends outside of class and gain new experiences through a range of clubs and societies. The School provides plenty of facilities, including wireless broadband throughout the campus, plus a library, theatre, music department and swimming pool.

Image courtesy of Strathallan School


This independent day and boarding school, located in Westbury-on-Trym, welcomes girls from the age of three up to 18 years. Believing there should be no limitations to a young girl’s education, pupils are taught to naturally assume all future options are open to them. The School understands how girls best learn and provides the emotional support they need in order to excel.

Students here receive a first-rate education in which intellectual development, academic success and pastoral care are complemented by a high performance in the arts, sports and extracurricular activities. Here, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing a curious mind, instilling a good work ethic and making sure pupils feel sufficiently challenged. Here, students learn in class, on school trips and during workshops. The Faculty also offers a wide range of activities, societies and sport fixtures to ensure all girls have an all-inclusive student experience.


Founded in 1889, this coeducational boarding and day school provides a unique education that is shaped by Canadian values, and also enhanced by the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework. The College’s Upper School curriculum combines the Ontario secondary school requirements, plus the IB Middle Years Programme with an option for IB Diploma Programme. Students who pursue this programme will be prepared to meet the challenges of higher education at the most selective colleges and universities around the world.

Ridley also presents a new, innovative approach to study for students of the Upper School level. Here, each individual gets to learn the way they want to, with faculty encouraging students to guide their own learning, to discover their passions and persevere through obstacles. On top of providing a comprehensive education, the College provides bespoke guidance and university counselling from a team of dedicated professionals, helping students prepare each individual for entry into higher education.

Image courtesy of Ridley College


Founded on the traditional ideas of education as a lifelong pursuit, the Christchurch School has been a leading choice for families who want the best for their children. Here, Faculty believe in creating a strong and supportive community to make students feel safe and welcome throughout their study experience.

The School offers an integrated academic curriculum that aims to help students build subject specific expertise, as well as valuable skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and information literacy, initiative and self-direction, spiritual exploration and character development, leadership and civic responsibility.

On top of that, the School provides programmes in the visual arts, theatre and music to help students hone their interest in the arts. They also get the chance to participate in various athletic programmes , specially-designed to teach skills regarding sportsmanship, teamwork, and commitment.


Committed to helping students unleash their full potential, Uppingham School offers a reputed education that not only meets the needs of the individual, but also help them develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to make it in the world.

The institution is proud to represent the quintessential boarding school, with a diverse population of 795 from all four corners of the globe, 785 of whom are full-time boarders who benefit from a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunity. Fostering a unique house environment where the individual can truly flourish, Uppingham School graduates enter the world with confidence and sought-after expertise.

“Today, the value of an all-round education, in which each individual and their talents come first, is fundamental to the Uppingham experience,” says Dr Richard J. Maloney, Headmaster of the School. “…Academic ambition matters,” he says. “Our students are stimulated, challenged and inspired…We want their academic education to be thought-provoking, intense, and life-changing.”

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