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“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.” – Ken Robinson

By constructing design programmes that cultivate students’ creative spirit, Regent’s University London has a history of shaping learners into effective leaders and entrepreneurs. Harnessing the power of thought and innovation, the university has constructed four prominent study routes through which you can explore your untapped potential.

Immerse yourself in Interior Design

Are you interested in learning the art of interior design? As a fast-moving discipline, the subject helps to build more aesthetically pleasing environments for people to enjoy. It’s a topic that will forever remain relevant to our daily lives and will always be regarded as a globally-respected trade.

“Studying interior design at Regent’s sets you on a creative journey and helps you to explore and experience a plethora of disciplines. As interior designers, we tell stories through spaces and the creative language we use goes beyond colour and light. At this university, you’ll become an independently-minded practitioner who seeks innovation and has the determination to make a difference,” says Regent’s lecturer, Laoura Englezou.

Pursuing a BA (Hons) in Interior Design allows you to develop your own individual style and accumulate an assortment of creative skills and techniques. Through specific modules such as interior theories and design cultures, you’ll graduate with a thirst for innovation.

According to Englezou, the undergraduate interior design programme at Regent’s has the capacity to turn students into risk takers and be free from constraints. “This programme is not restricted by a regulating body’s agenda, which therefore enables students to set their own. Through live projects, learners get to work with clients and the community before they leave university which inspires them to develop confidence in their creative talents.”

As Englezou explains further, “We are proud of our students’ achievements that in this transitional learning experience with us, they work alongside peers and tutors with commitment and enthusiasm. Working in partnership with the local community, organisations and industry practitioners, our students build relationships with clients and explore new ways of working while maintaining a sensitive approach to engaging with place. Human interaction with space and the design of experiences is placed at the centre of all our endeavours.”

And if the Regent’s study style excites you, note that the BA (Hons) Interior Design with Integrated Foundation route builds a solid base for the degree-level programme, ensuring you are ready to thrive within this sought-after discipline.

Over four years, you’ll receive a high level of contact with distinguished tutors and a chance to meet industry professionals and guest speakers. By adding on that extra year, you’ll acquire a deeper understanding of chosen specialist modules such as fashion marketing, critical-thinking research and design in industry.

Get involved with Graphic & Digital Design

“With the power to discover solutions to problems big and small, creativity and imagination operate as the engine of change. Through questioning and challenging opinions and old ways of doing things, the fluid and energetic flow of creativity can help students and graduates to move forward,” says Regent’s Senior Lecturer, Leora Brook.

From eye-catching online environments to ingenious interactive systems, graphic and digital design is everywhere. As our global society makes the rapid transition from traditional to tech-based tools, this is a trade that shows no signs of slowing down.

To prepare you for the ever-growing demands of the interconnected world, Regent’s has designed the BA (Hons) Graphic & Digital Design degree with core modules such as creative and professional development, curation and connection and graphic design theory in context.

As Brook explains, “Creative thinking skills are at the heart of the Graphic & Digital Design BA. Our degree programme has been developed in close consultation with industry professionals, and students will engage in a path of study that prepares them for a range of ambitious professional roles, or further study in the creative industries.”

For in-depth insight into the dynamic realm of graphic and digital design, Regent’s offers you the same degree but with one year of study at foundation level. Intended for students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry into the three-year route, the BA (Hons) Graphic & Digital Design with Integrated Foundation programme gives you an early start to transforming the world through design.

Once you delve into the fascinating dimensions of graphic and digital design, you’ll have a variety of job roles to discover. Your Regent’s degree may direct you towards the sectors of fashion communication, online editorial and user experience design (UX). Regent’s also has a personalised career service for students to discuss their artistic aspirations.

Senior Lecturer, Leora Brook adds that, “There are many inspirational visiting professionals from a wide range of disciplines to give you talks and workshops at our beautiful campus in London. You’ll also get the opportunity to have an industry mentor in the second year, the opportunity to pursue a placement module and the chance to develop a portfolio focused on photography, digital media or fashion communication.

With these four extraordinary study areas and more, you’ll have the creative strategies and support in place to generate fresh ideas in art and design. As Regent’s University London transfers your creations from the drawing board to the real-world, it’s the next best study destination for all ambitious innovators.

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