Boston University Summer Term: A short-term opportunity that unlocks lifelong rewards
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Boston University Summer Term: A short-term opportunity that unlocks lifelong rewards

As summer’s warm embrace approaches, so does the chance for international students to embark on an enriching journey of learning and exploration through the Boston University (BU) Summer Term program. Hosted by one of the world’s top-ranked institutions for over a century, the BU summer study opportunity offers more than 700 credit-bearing courses across 70-plus subjects, ensuring there’s a pathway for anyone looking to dive deeper into their major, explore new interests, or add to their portfolio.

For Copenhagen Business School master’s student Altamish Khan Durrani, the opportunity at BU was more about pushing personal boundaries and discovering new dimensions of himself in the vibrant city of Boston. “BU’s renowned standing in academia immediately captured my attention, and I was eager to be a part of an institution with such a strong commitment to providing an amazing educational experience,” he shares. True enough, his first solo trip out of Denmark turned out to be a voyage of a lifetime.

In courses such as Project Management and The Innovation Process, Durrani loved how he could work in collaborative groups. In BU’s close-knit classrooms, where questions flowed freely, and diverse insights were common, his peers—from Germany, France, Pakistan, Ecuador, and more—became collaborators and his professors became his mentors.

Interacting with faculty members was a highlight of Durrani’s time at BU Summer Term. The summer staff expertise and dedication inspired him, instilling knowledge that to this day impacts his role as an accountant in Denmark. “Engaging with educators who had received recognition for their contributions heightened the quality of discussions in the classroom, as well as provided unique insights that went beyond the books,” he says.

Courses at BU are taught by faculty members from 12 of its 17 schools and colleges. BU’s community of faculty and alumni comprises many notable figures, including recipients of Nobel and Pulitzer prizes. Well-known BU alumni include people such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“I even took a creative writing course, in a classroom where Sylvia Plath studied,” says student Noor Ul Ain from Pakistan. “I got to do a lot of those things that I always imagined I would do and BU materialised those dreams for me.”

BU Summer Term operates on an open enrollment policy, which means that visiting international students do not need a formal BU admission letter to dive into enriching summer classes in areas such as Business, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Earth & Environment, Finance, Health Sciences, International Relations, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, or even Theatre, amongst others.

The best part? International students studying at BU have the full support of faculty and staff who are ready to advise and assist at every turn—from navigating the course selection process to ensuring your safe arrival in the US.

Durrani is grateful for all the help offered to him by Summer Term’s program managers. “Their professionalism, accessibility, and genuine commitment to assisting me throughout the whole process, made the application a positive and stress-free experience, setting a positive tone for my entire journey at BU,” he shares.

The BU team works tirelessly to help students create lasting memories, too. They organise summer-defining social activities ranging from casual get-togethers on campus to trips to the best historic and cultural sites of Boston—rated the #1 city in the US for international students and #10 in the world, according to QS Best Student Cities 2024.

“From cheering on the Red Sox to enjoying grill parties at BU Beach, each activity brought a unique experience to the summer term,” shares Durrani. “A day trip to Maine and exploring Boston’s museums, including the trips to both the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Tea Party Museum, added a special touch to the overall experience.”

So what are you waiting for? Boston University’s Summer Term is currently accepting applications from international students. Summer Session 1 marks the start of the season, beginning May 21 and running to June 28. Following suit is Summer Session 2, from July 1 to August 9. To learn more about registering for Summer Term at BU, click here.

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