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When Haseena Rahman was a student at Boston University School of Law (BU Law), she knew she would transform Afghanistan’s tax system with her graduate degree. As one of the few tax law experts in the country, the Fulbright scholar understands how tax reform would help the country become financially independent — and now, she has the expertise to help see it through. “I researched and wrote about how Afghanistan should negotiate tax treaties and how to leverage our tax system to attract more foreign business investments,” she said, sharing that her BU Law professors were immediately supportive of her goals.

Over in the US, BU Law lecturer Francis C. Morrissey set a precedent in state bankruptcy law. He helped free struggling single mother Audrey Schatz of her student loans, allowing her to keep her sole asset — her home — when she could no longer keep up with payments. His court win will have a lasting influence on student loan issues in American courts.

Both Rahman and Morrissey are testaments to the life-changing potential of a Boston University School of Law degree in tax and banking law, respectively. As one of only 17 US law schools ranked among the top 100 academic institutions globally, BU Law has a longstanding legacy of excellence that boasts nearly 24,000 alumni from 19 different legal fields. Now, you too could join this exciting learning environment from any corner of the world thanks to the university’s online graduate law degree offerings.

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In-depth lectures and discussions shape these LLM candidates into highly employable lawyers. Source: BU Law

Explore the legal world of taxation

Unique in design, the specialized LLM in Taxation degree is designed for legal professionals who want to sharpen their niche in tax law through in-depth discussions, lectures, and community events. It is one of the oldest programs in the country, with over 60 years of alumni to add to your network. You can pursue the same high-quality LLM degree online if you are unable to be in Boston.

“I used to think that I needed to know everything coming out of law school about my career — but you don’t. Everything is about building on my pre-existing foundation. BU Law had the tools to help me build that foundation for a tax law career,” shared graduate Nicholas Scher, now an M&A Associate at PwC Boston.

His colleague and fellow BU Law graduate Alexandra Miga testified to the program’s 93% employment rate. “While you are in the program, you can have your post-program job lined up, and then you can focus on learning while you are here. It was kind of crazy at the beginning of the year, but I had a job in October … and the program [had] started in September,” she said.

To enroll in this program, you must have a JD degree or a first degree in law. Aspiring legal professionals without a law degree may opt for the Master in the Study of Tax Law — which will begin with an introduction to tax law before diving deeper with research and writing.

Online LLM candidates may begin in fall, spring, or summer and may complete their degree full-time in two semesters or have up to four years on a part-time basis. They enroll for the same modules as residential students, which are taught by the same experienced instructors. Experiencing the practical and skills-based approach in both residential and online programs will open new pathways for tax specialists in the future financial landscape.

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Seasoned adjunct professors bring a wealth of industry insight into lessons. Source: BU Law

Uphold the law in financial services

As the field of financial services law continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the world needs trained, global practitioners to lead the way. The LLM in Banking & Financial Law will help lawyers seeking financial services law training to tackle the regulatory, transactional, and compliance needs of clients across financial institutions, government agencies, trade associations, law firms, and corporations worldwide. You may enroll full-time or part-time and is also available online.

“After having been out of school for around eight years, I was drawn to a practical program that I could implement immediately,” said Bruce Mwauluka from Zambia. Aline Vitelli Tanaka from Brazil found that she could better relate to her learning on a practical level. “In the banking program, because everyone has work experience, the level of discussion is more in-depth,” she explained.

This is the only financial services LLM program in the country with its own faculty, which consists of working adjuncts with relevant industry insight and experience. They come from respected institutions including the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Morgan Lewis, and Computershare. Director of LLM in Banking & Financial Law Mary Zeven, for example, brings with her 19 years of experience in companies like State Street Bank and Trust Company in Boston.

These seasoned professors deliver a curriculum designed exclusively for graduate legal study. Candidates develop a unique study plan from electives that cover banking, securities, insurance funds, and financing law. You may enroll in this program with a first degree in law or for those without a law degree, we offer the Financial Services Compliance Certificate Program, which is also offered online.

BU Law

You don’t have to wait any longer to launch your career at BU Law. Adaptation is key to success in the legal world, after all. Source: BU Law

Launch your career at Boston University

Besides being accessible from anywhere in the world, the full-time or part-time flexibility of online instruction allows you to juggle your graduate studies with work and family commitments. As the university has established effective frameworks for online teaching, you will be privy to the same quality of learning and teaching expertise as residential candidates. Your qualifications will therefore be just as valuable and prestigious as those earned on campus.

Pursuing a part-time LLM is also more financially feasible as you are able to maintain your career while advancing it. Upon graduating, your degree will open up opportunities to enter a higher pay bracket and to explore more impactful roles. You will ultimately be empowered to take your law career to new heights, transforming financial systems for the better all around the globe.

Boston University School of Law is now accepting online graduate law applications for fall 2021; submit yours by July 31. For more information, click here.

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