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Blekinge Institute of Technology: A tailored approach to creating global leaders

At Blekinge Institute of Technology, engineers can look forward to boosting their technical careers with a two-year Master’s Programme in Industrial Economics and Management (MIEM).

Students will gain the skillsets and advanced knowledge to navigate a fast-changing business environment. By exploring current topics – such as globalisation, digitalisation, innovation, entrepreneurship – as well as diving deep into market and investment analysis, management strategies, econometrics, project management, and research method and design, they’ll emerge as graduates ready to tackle real-world challenges.

The MIEM starts with eight mandatory courses. These include Economic Analysis of Markets, Firms and Industries; Management and Organisation of Technology and Knowledge-Intensive Projects and Firms; Globalisation, Digitalisation and Internationalisation Strategies; Statistics and Econometrics; Economic Analysis of Technology, Technological Change and Strategy; Finance and Investment Analysis; Innovation and Business Development; and Advanced Research Method and Design.

The curriculum focuses not just on scientific and theoretical understanding but  applied knowledge and practical solutions too. Mathematics and quantitative analysis are equally emphasised.

Two specialised tracks — “Competition, Production, and Financial Analysis” and “Marketing Analysis, Entrepreneurship and Strategy” – then build on this foundation.

Students will have the chance to add to their previous technical education whilst tailoring their educational pathways according to their interests. The first track is suitable for those who would like to develop their skills in quantitative analysis and optimisation in connection to production, financing, and investment issues. The second track hones in on strategy and business development. For the globally-inclined, a third option is also available: students may opt to study abroad in their second year at one of BTH’s partner universities instead of choosing from the two tracks.

Your final semester will be dedicated to conducting academic research, based on your interest, that will result in a final master’s thesis.

The course content is comprehensive – and delivered with the student’s needs in mind. Unlike the typical MBA, the programme runs at “half pace,” which is good news for active professionals – especially if they have been out of school for a while.

The course content is comprehensive – and delivered with the student’s needs in mind. The programme runs at full pace, equivalent to 40 hours a week, allowing students to delve into their subject matter and thoroughly prepare themselves for the demands of the job market. Assessments for each module can range from lectures, individual and group assignments, student presentations, exercise sessions, seminars, or even workshops.

Blekinge Institute of Technology

In this international and multicultural environment, BTH students benefit not just from being close to nature, but close to their professors too. Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

All courses in this programme are located at Campus Karlskrona, southern Sweden. The main campus in Karlskrona is located at the centre of Blue Science Park, a business network within the IT and telecommunications industry – a testament to how BTH strives to provide great opportunities for both educational and research cooperation.

To study here is to be part of a university with a distinctive focus on innovation, the digitalisation of society and sustainability. But what makes the university really stand out is its dedication to cultivating an international experience for its students.

Seyedmohsen Forouzmand

To Seyedmohsen Forouzmand, who hails from Iran, being close to home was of utmost importance. Despite this, he knew that he had to venture far to build a strong professional network. This was why he chose to study in Sweden, a country he deemed not only multicultural but welcoming. Both BTH campuses are situated by the sea, which also provided the tranquil atmosphere he needed to pursue his tertiary education.

After a bit of digging, he also found that the MIEM was closely related to what he learned during his bachelor’s programme. This was what sealed the deal for him. “I spent a great deal of time finding the most suitable programme,” he says. “This course has a lot of common courses for example mathematical and theoretical studies, it’s suitable for me.”

Lara Wirges

As for 22-year-old Lara Wirges from Germany, it was the master’s programme’s unique approach to teaching that led her to sign up. “I really enjoy it in comparison to my bachelor’s degree, which was very focused on going to lectures, repeating exercises, and learning the topics by being explained and repeated to,” she says.

She adds that she’s now free to work on projects and focus on term-based assignments, which she discovered helped her dive deep into her current interests. Although her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering definitely helped prepare her for her master’s at BTH, she shares how the different modes of teaching made the programme much more enjoyable for her, “My bachelor’s was a bit too technical for me,” she says. “Now, I have a mix of classes where we’ll do statistics on one side and talk about globalisation on the other.”

Blekinge Institute of Technology

BTH has two campuses, both offering inspiring study environments. Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

Kakwano Rodney

As for automobile and power engineering bachelor’s graduate Kakwano Rodney, the programme piqued his interest because he had always been intrigued by management.

“The programme is interesting because it gives an overview of how industries are organised and structured,” he shares. “The way the course is taught is interesting because it’s more interactive and engaging. They bring real-world examples to us.”

He had questions he needed answering, and at BTH, he found the perfect master’s programme to fill the gaps in his knowledge about managing and organising firms. When asked about how enrolling in the MIEM factors into his future plans, he notes that the programme is a gateway to his dream of establishing a consultancy firm.

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