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Why you should choose Blekinge Institute of Technology master’s programmes

It’s hard to find a more apt place to envision a digital and more sustainable future than Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). It is in Sweden — ranked first in Earth.Org Global Sustainability Index, which combines the most respected global indexes on pollution, climate change, policy, energy, oceans, and biodiversity. It is also one of the most innovative nations in the world — it is the birthplace of companies like IKEA and Spotify.

Both BTH campuses are situated by the sea. As the waves glitter, the atmosphere is peaceful. Cafes, bars, shops, and entertainment venues abound. It’s a breeze to balance study, work and play here. “Imagine going on a boat trip and surfing in the Baltic Sea in summer — it only takes you less than five minutes from BTH to the beach!” enthuses Chinese exchange student Yujie who graduated in 2019 with a double degree.

His enthusiasm is understandable. To study here is to reap the finest in a European education: world-class advanced degrees, tranquil environments, leading faculty members, state-of-the-art facilities and post-graduation opportunities.

To live here is to fall in love with the beauty of Karlskrona and the archipelago. “Karlskrona is a lovely small town that is spread over 30 islands in the eastern part of Blekinge Archipelago and is the capital of Blekinge county,” shares Master’s Programme in Computer Science student Tara. “Almost every part of the town is walkable and it is peacefully quiet and beautiful.

With everything from the archipelago to wilderness, students like Yujie and Tara can experience the perfect Swedish summer life. “Sweden is a beautiful and mysterious country to me with magnificent natural landscapes and profound Viking culture. So when I was choosing where to continue my study, I thought this is the best place for me to enjoy my study and life,” Yujie shares.

Blekinge Institute of Technology

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

Master’s programmes that fulfil future career needs

With the natural wonders and innovation the BTH campuses are surrounded with, it is only fitting that its programmes aim to preserve them and to focus on humanity’s future needs and challenges. Profession-oriented and within the disciplinary fields of engineering and health, the list of programmes offered here include the MBA and master’s degrees in Computer Science; Industrial Economics and Management; Mechanical Engineering – Structural Mechanics; Software Engineering; Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability; and Telecommunication Systems.

BTH is top ranked in international orientation; Software Engineering; Computer Science; and Product Development and Innovation among the leading institutes in sustainability.

“Our programme will provide you with a strong foundation by imparting necessary domain skills so you are prepared for both industrial and research careers,” says Eva Pettersson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor. “BTH is keen to ensure that you will possess all the attributes including employability skills which are required for the future workplace.” The master’s programmes have a strong focus on applied research. They will provide insights on current challenges and also spark interest in research careers and innovation.”

This was the case for Yashaswini Julapally. The Master’s Programme in Software Engineering graduate is now working as a software developer at Ericsson, Lund. “It is a dream that came true,” she enthuses. She credits her success to the “quality of academics and the excellence of BTH’s teachers.” “The programme is great and I like that the curriculum not only covers Software Engineering, there is also an option to select subjects with a Computer Science and Telecom background.

At BTH, the teaching staff is passionate about helping and guiding students to reach their full potential. Class sizes are small, you are known by your name, and faculty members work closely with you to help you achieve success.

Blekinge Institute of Technology

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

“The campus is comfortable and modern. I will say the time spent in the library and at the sports club is unforgettable. I have all the facilities I could need around me,” Yujie shares. “Also there are so many other activities for students like music festivals, Lapland adventures, sea battles and so on. If you have any problems and complaints, the student union will help you and try to make you feel at home.”

At BTH, this close-knit community is paired with a myriad of global partnerships. BTH is involved in some 100 collaborations with higher education institutions in Europe, and another 40 or so outside Europe.  BTH’s academic partners include Stanford University, National University of Singapore and Indian Institute of Technology. This gives students opportunities to build global networks whether for their employment or their pathway to further studies.

BTH also has strategic cooperation partners to strengthen innovation capabilities. These include Volvo, Ericsson, Telenor, Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval, and SAAB Kockums; public partners such as Blekinge municipalities, Region Blekinge, the Navy and Coast Guard.

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