University of Camerino, UNICAM

At historic UNICAM, a world-class scientific education awaits

When it comes to finding the balance between tranquillity and intellectual rigour, few places in the world can rival what Italian universities have to offer. That’s what drew Blessed, a biosciences student from Zimbabwe, to the historic grounds of the University of Camerino (UNICAM).

“I came to Camerino thanks to a Student Information Agency located in Harare, my city. There, they presented me with different possibilities, and I decided to choose UNICAM, a university located in a small city where I could study what I felt suited to me,” explains the Biosciences and Biotechnology student.

Located in central-eastern Italy, UNICAM has been one of the country’s educational strongholds for about seven centuries since its founding in 1336. The university harnesses its historic tradition in scientific excellence to advance research and innovation to produce future-ready graduates.

UNICAM’s international approach to providing world-class education is underscored further through its English-language programmes that are now offered at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels. Students from 50 countries now make up 10% of the entire student population, which is a testament to the university’s diversity.

A globally-ranked university with a solid support network

UNICAM’s reputation as a global university is cemented further in international rankings. In 2021, the university earned a prestigious ranking from the Times Higher Education for its teaching quality, research and internationalisation. Impressively, UNICAM has been awarded as the best Italian university with under 10,000 students for 18 years in a row as well.

University of Camerino, UNICAM

UNICAM boasts a strong community of international students from 50 countries. Source: University of Camerino

Studying at UNICAM means choosing a first-class university in a student-centred atmosphere. The university is proud to be a merit-based institution that is primarily dedicated to science, with excellent education training that upholds gender equality. It has also dedicated its efforts towards advancing projects and courses that stress environmental sustainability, as evident in its participation in the “Universities in Action for the United Nations 2030 Agenda” of Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Incoming students often ease into their new life at Camerino. UNICAM is honoured as the first Italian university to introduce the Quality Management System certificate for all its institutional activities and services, including student support services, orientation and guidance, mentoring, international mobility, as well as internships.

Just ask Albin, a satisfied Computer Science student from Kosovo. “I am happy here. Camerino is a small city and I like its people, especially those from the university, which is the environment I know best,” he gushes. In addition to his studies, Albin dedicates his free time to social and sporting activities.

UNICAM holds a unique philosophy where the mind, body and soul are of equal importance. The university believes a healthy physical body corresponds with a keen mind, hence why outstanding sporting facilities are available on campus. It’s the perfect place for those who want to push beyond their limits: the university awards scholarships for student athletes. They have won numerous titles in national and international sporting events, and have even participated in the Olympic Games.

Quality teaching with great programme selection

One of UNICAM’s renowned strengths lies in the quality of its teaching and scientific research. It is recognised by The European Commission with a Human Resources Excellence in Research Award for its research projects and priority in technological transfer.

University of Camerino, UNICAM

UNICAM offers attractive study packages for international students to thrive on its campus. Source: University of Camerino

“Let me say to the many foreign students who wish to study in Italy: come to UNICAM! The entire course structure and the teachers will not disappoint you — on the contrary, they will place you in a first-rate environment that is ideal for studying,” says Albin, who knows he’s made the right choice with the university

The top-tier instructions at UNICAM translate into innovation. Students have won first place in a national start-up competition by developing useful digital applications for public institutions and enterprises.

International students are welcome to join a list of distinguished English-language master’s programmes at the university. These include the fields of Physics, Mathematics and Applications, Geoenvironmental Resources and Risks, Chemistry and Advanced Chemical Methodologies, Computer Science, and Biological Sciences.

What’s even better is that these courses are also offered under UNICAM’s All-Inclusive Package, which has five slots for each of the English-language master’s degrees. This value-for-money deal is only 7,000 euros, which covers tuition, accommodation, two meals a day, local bus services, sports facilities and more – to be paid in three instalments.

Scholarships are available too if you qualify and need financial support. More than 900 places are available at the residence hall, which is convenient for you to settle into university life.

If you’re ready to join UNICAM, applications will open in July. Click here to learn more about getting into the university.

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