Science and Technology
Science and technology is the leading force behind every advancement humanity has made. Source: University of Camerino

Science and technology play a huge role in driving progress. Everyday, new technology and scientific breakthroughs are constantly made, from artificial intelligence to genome editing and most recently, the lithium-metal battery for electric vehicles. It’s all thanks to the brightest minds who studied hard and created marvels for mankind.

Financially, science and technology is a lucrative industry where the smartest and brightest are always in demand. Their ingenuity is highly regarded and will continue to do so, especially as humanity moves closer to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

If you’re intrigued about science and technology, excited to be an inventor or pioneer of new products and services, here are four universities that offer master’s degrees in science and technology that will help start your journey:

University of Camerino

Founded in 1336, University of Camerino (UNICAM) has seven centuries worth of history and experience in education. Not only is it one of the oldest universities in Italy, it is also located in the green heart of the country, which places great importance on environmental sustainability.

Its location may be incomparably tranquil, but the university is rich with conversations and camaraderie. It has four campuses — Camerino, Ascoli Piceno, Matelica, and San Benedetto del Tronto — housing five academic schools. They offer a wide selection of master’s degrees in Science and Technology for students to choose. English-language programmes include Physics, Mathematics and Applications, Geoenvironmental Resources and Risks, Chemistry and Advanced Chemical Methodologies, Computer Science, and Biological Sciences. With UNICAM’s years of expert teaching, these programmes boast strengths such as quality teaching, detailed scientific research and excellent professor-to-student ratio.

At UNICAM, the mind, body and soul hold equal vigour. The university believes a healthy body leads to a sharp mind, offering outstanding sporting facilities which are an athlete’s dream.

All aspirations are welcome here. UNICAM fees are very competitive — its All-Inclusive Package includes tuition, accommodation, two meals a day and more. Scholarships are available too if you qualify and need financial support.

With all these features, it’s little wonder why the university performs well in global rankings. In the StuDocu World University Ranking 2021 — a ranking of the best universities in the world according to student experience — UNICAM placed second in Italy and 14th in Europe. In the Times Higher Education university ranking 2022, it ranked 25th in Italy.

University of Bari Aldo Moro

Founded in 1925, University of Bari Aldo Moro is today home to about 60,000 students, across its Bari, Brindisi, and Taranto campuses.

Science and Technology

Founded in 1925, the University of Bari Aldo Moro offers various courses for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. Source: University of Bari Aldo Moro

The university offers various courses for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students. At the postgraduate level, there are several  master’s degrees in science and technology for students to choose from. Degrees such as Archeology, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnologies, Computer science, Materials science and technology, Bio Sanitary Sciences, and many more listed here.

The University of Bari Aldo Moro has set up “Subsidies for students with special needs,” which are aimed at giving extra financial support to students who are in conditions of severe economic hardship or who have a disability that could prevent them from pursuing their studies.

Along with the subsidies, they offer other awards and grants for academic high achievers or students with disabilities too. Interested applicants can find more information here.

University of Catania

Since 1434, University of Catania has amassed over half a millennia worth of history and experience. The oldest university in Sicily is today host to an average 40,000 students and the educational system is run and overseen by 17 departments. The Medical School and two other educational units are located in the city of Ragusa. The School of Architecture is based in Syracuse.

Science and Technology

The University of Catania is the oldest university in Sicily. Source: University of Catania

University of Catania offers a total of 49 master’s degree programmes — eight of them are conducted in English. The English courses in science and technology are physics, chemical engineering for industrial sustainability, automation engineering and control of complex systems, electrical engineering, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering. The rest are conducted in Italian, but are still available for you to pursue.

The University of Catania considers the internationalisation process to be of deep importance for its development, therefore, it is willing to adopt strategic plans aiming at improving such process. With short term and long term plans, University of Catania’s goal is to help create an effective study environment for its students, wherever they may come from.

Marche Polytechnic University

Situated in Ancona, Marche Polytechnic University (UNIVPM) has a long history from the middle ages where they started as a school of law. Now UNIVPM has a prominent scientific-technological mark, with strong research and innovation activities and great attention to its students.

Science and Technology

Marche Polytechnic University’s (UNIVPM) master degrees have a good balance of choices for both Italian and English-speaking learners. Source: Marche Polytechnic University / Facebook

When it comes to UNIVPM’s master degrees, they have a good balance of choices for both Italian and English-speaking learners. UNIVAM offers master’s degrees in science and technology conducted in English like Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering, Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Master’s Degree in Building Engineering and Architecture and Master’s Degree in Marine Biology. There are courses conducted in Italian if you are looking to pursue other degrees.

Ancona offers excellent conditions for study and research in a stimulating and comfortable environment. It is located on the central Adriatic coast and it is one of Italy’s most important harbours.

At this artistic town, you’ll find a historic centre full of monuments, elegant shops and characteristic meeting places for young people. So if you’re looking to earn a degree while taking in the beautiful sights of Ancona, Marche Polytechnic University is the place to be.