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5 ways Perlego prepares students for university

Going to college or university is a must-have experience for everyone. It’s a key step to the future you want, filled with people and places that can take you far.

Getting from day one of classes to graduation, however, can be challenging and costly. This is where online libraries like Perlego can help. This platform simplifies processes and removes the need for many physical textbooks, academic resources, and research materials.

The full range of what Perlego can do is far more than just lightening book bags. Here’s a full breakdown of how — with every digital page — it is supporting more students to prepare and succeed at university.

Affordable learning at its finest

Why buy one book when you can spend a fraction of the cost and get access to over a million books? Founded by two students struggling to pay for textbooks, Perlego’s budget-friendly price ensures students can get the necessary resources and information and still afford other essential university expenses.

You can subscribe by paying for an entire year or monthly. The only difference between the two options is the price — the annual plan saves subscribers 30% compared to 12 months on the monthly plan.

Boosting your skills anytime, anywhere

A digital device is all readers need for 24/7 access to Perlego — an award-winning level of access that satisfies curiosities, boosts intellectual growth and sharpens soft skills.

English writer Joseph Addison wrote it best, stating: “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” He’s not wrong — when anyone deep dives into literature, they improve their critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and information synthesis abilities. Most importantly, they enhance their communication skills. Studies show that those who read regularly tend to develop large vocabularies. Plus, mentally holding many points of view at once increases one’s ability to empathise and understand others.


By using Perlego, students get access to original works. Source: Perlego

Giving students a glimpse into their futures

Dubbed the “Netflix for textbooks,” Perlego enables students to explore a wide range of topics, within and beyond their chosen courses. In this, they lay a strong foundation to do well in their exams and projects — giving them a strong start for their future careers.

“The range of books on my subject was excellent and the fact that the latest edition was available was invaluable,” attests user Sarienne Kersh.

Encouraging interdisciplinary excellence

As of 2022, Perlego subscribers can access over one million academic and non-fiction titles covering more than 1,000 topics and subtopics — think architecture, business, computer science, economics, history, law, performing arts, medicine, personal development, theology, and many more.

The vast array makes it incredibly easy to explore different areas of knowledge beyond one’s specific field of study. This exposure can help students broaden their intellectual horizons, help them discover new interests, and engage them with complex ideas — all of which are valuable competencies for university-level learning and personal growth.


Clever tools help Perlego users understand, retain and enjoy academic books better. Source: Perlego

Your pathway to knowledge, your way

Perlego is more than just an online library — it’s a full-on study hub too. It has revolutionised the learning experience by offering advanced search functionalities, study tools, and features that make learning more enjoyable and tailored to individual preferences.

You can dive into specific topics easily by searching for keywords within books. Use the highlighting feature to mark and embrace words that resonate with you — all while expanding your vocabulary and deepening your comprehension. Bookmark pages with treasured quotes or switch up “paper” or font colours to reduce any strain on your eyes. Capture important points and ideas through the note-taking feature so that your insights are never forgotten. 

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