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Perlego: Learn better with over one million books and more

Perlego isn’t just the best online library of books and academic texts that’s so convenient it’s dubbed the “Netflix for textbooks.” It’s set to become a full study hub for every learning need too.

Perlego is focusing on in-platform features that make learning easier, more accessible and more enjoyable. This includes options to highlight and note-take, a personalisable e-reader that can be used on one’s laptop, tablet or mobile, as well as in-text search functions.

“You can add highlights, notes, bookshelves, and even external links, and build specific workspaces according to your needs,” shares a student user. “It’s an absolute lifesaver for when your university library doesn’t have the books, or only has a physical copy!”

Perlego’s newest feature is a function that lets you open a book and then have the text read aloud. But that’s not all. You’ll see the reader scroll through the paragraph and highlight the portion of the text as it is being read. Play, pause or stop the audio as you wish — bringing convenience and enhancing your study sessions like never before.

The read-aloud function was one of the most requested features on the platform. Students say they learn better by listening — and Perlego’s feature comes in a format that accelerates and eases how we consume information. It’s a massive benefit for users who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia and partial blindness as well.


Your new favourite study method? Perlego’s in-built features. Source: Perlego

These are must-have tools for any student today. Academic standards are rising — and with this comes a strict clamp-down on plagiarism. Hence why Perlego has created functions to ensure that students are able to refer to textbooks and resources in a risk-free way. Tools to help with essay writing are included — including one-click citation and referencing tools. This not only minimises the risks of plagiarism but helps save countless hours that are typically spent perfecting one’s bibliography.

As a student in 2023, using technology in one’s learning is a given. This is especially relevant with upcoming exams and assignments — which amplifies the demand for more readily accessible learning tools and materials. In fact, 70% of students consider immediate access to be “essential” for their learning. Despite this, the rising cost of textbooks has been a major barrier; the average college student spends up to US$1,471 annually for textbooks and other learning supplies.

Enter Perlego. Founded by two students who were struggling to pay for textbooks, Perlego was designed to give students an affordable, sustainable solution to the skyrocketing prices of educational resources. Today, it is an online library of over one million textbooks covering more than 950 topics, from the basics of essay writing to respiratory medicine, for a small fee.


Perlego is working towards a model that accommodates to all learners of all capabilities and needs. Source: Perlego

Nine out of 10 students globally now use Perlego. They can access all materials on any device, at any time and place. “I love being able to open Perlego, enter an author, title or subject and find what I need almost instantly,” shares user Jim MacDonald. “It’s a fantastic resource for essay research. More than that, it exposes you to books you wouldn’t normally find. I’ve had Perlego for about a year now and they’re making improvements to the interface all the time. It’s well worth the money.”

More than three-fourths of Perlego users lauded it for cutting down the cost of textbooks and 64% say using the platform helps them save time on their studies. Perlego’s commitment to accessibility has also earned it a Gold rating of 100% by ASPIRE — the top verification service for accessibility statements. Still, the platform is constantly looking to improve its services, seeking out feedback from students of all learning capabilities and backgrounds to create a friendlier system suited for everyone.

Perhaps the best aspect of Perlego, however, is how it transforms students into lifelong learners. “This platform entices my appetite for knowledge and is a pleasure to have access to titles that were once inaccessible due to resources and or a lack of exposure,” says a student user. “Searching through Perlego yields a priceless experience for all ages and all backgrounds.”

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