5 reasons why Le Moyne is a top College choice

Le Moyne College embodies a progressive approach to a liberal arts-based education, constantly encouraging students to think on a global scale. Le Moyne College knows the potential you have to positively influence the world, helping you take control of your academic adventure and setting your sails up for success with these 5 leading factors…

1. You get to study in Syracuse!

Named as one of America’s Best College Towns, Syracuse earned its first-class reputation for its relaxed pace of life and phenomenal selection of student amenities. As a city that resides in New York State, there are so many off-campus activities students can take part in. Take a break from the textbooks and discover nearby cultural sites and scenic views. If you’re a fan of the countryside and enjoy the outdoors, you may want to visit Green Lakes State Park. With two glistening glacial lakes and a natural trekking trail circling the grounds, it’s certainly a sight to see!

Or, if you’d rather go off the beaten path and track down a few unique tourist attractions, why not pay a visit the incredible Tree of 40 Fruit and the historic Niagara Mohawk Building. There’s never a shortage of things to see at Syracuse, and you can always keep track of the latest additions via the city’s blog.

2. Student safety and comfort is a priority

With a prime focus on student safety, Le Moyne ensures that its 24/7 Campus Security service remains alert and that they keep the college grounds secure. To minimize any criminal opportunities, there are regular crime prevention programs offered to both students and college employees.

After 7pm, Le Moyne goes the extra mile and offers a nightly shuttle service for its students. Running until 2.30am, the bus will escort you to and from all College-owned properties and is super handy for those late night library shifts! Le Moyne has also set up a Wellness Center for Health & Counselling to help you deal with any stress or uncertainty you might feel. Some universities struggle to understand the value a Center like this can bring, overlooking the importance of helping students adjust to the global transition. Striving to support its students every step of the way, the genuine care that Le Moyne has for its learners sets it apart from the rest.

3. Unlimited career coaching

Plans for your future career form a crucial part of your overall college experience, so Le Moyne has invested in an office dedicated to Career Advising and Development. Drop-in hours are available, and workshops are in place to assist you with interview preparation, to guide you through the internship search, and to help you acquire effective networking skills.

With many Le Moyne student stories of success, learners get the chance to improve their confidence and gain advice about how to move forward from alumni members. As former English student, Joshua Redden, explains, “Le Moyne was a refreshing place where I met staff, faculty and friends who helped to guide me into my identity. I was trusted with offices to experience leadership roles, a stage to sing on, a field to play rugby on, and a campus where I could find myself. I will always support my alma mater, it has supported my career and I am proud that it’s part of my story.”

The Dolphin Award is an innovative scholarship and career-readiness program that pairs you with an experienced mentor who will help guide you toward your personal and professional goals. This program also includes a $10,000 scholarship granted over a four-year period for incoming full-time first-year students.

4. Being a Freshman is fun!

There’s no need to panic about your first day at Le Moyne. Unlike other colleges, Le Moyne moving day is easy as pie, with an experienced orientation committee on-hand to help you settle in. As first-year student, Mary Katherine Coon, mentions in the film, “They helped us to move in so quickly, and everyone is so lovely and helpful!”

Rather than being part of a strict group of study acquaintances, you’ll become part of a family that’s excited to welcome you on site. Students here are fondly known as dolphins, since these aquatic mammals never swim alone. You can rest assured in the knowledge that, as a learner at Le Moyne, you will always be part of a pack and glide through your studies empowered by the support of your peers.

5. The Le Moyne motivation

Last but never least, another reason to choose Le Moyne is the innovative way it motivates its students. Ranking Number 17 in the 2018 US News edition of Best Colleges in the Regional North, Le Moyne’s collection of comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate courses are heavily linked with the sciences and the liberal arts, complemented by in-depth training in your profession of choice.

With a longstanding commitment to sustainability and service, the institution’s community connections help preserve a devoted and wholehearted learning environment. Even after you graduate, you’ll stick by Le Moyne College’s core motto ‘Sempre Avanti’, which translates as ‘ever forward and always ahead’. With the support of this Syracuse-based school, you’ll always feel ready to take that courageous step into the working world and to embrace your success.

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