Le Moyne College: Graduate programs with global perspectives and unparalleled opportunities

Le Moyne College: Graduate programs with global perspectives and unparalleled opportunities
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“Changing your perspectives will not only transform you but also the whole world.” – Ji-Hae Park

With more than 30+ majors and graduate programs, Le Moyne is a diverse learning community that strives for excellence in every sense of the word. Set on a stunning 160-acre, forest-lined campus in the heart of New York state, Le Moyne’s 48 buildings include, purpose-built academic backdrops, and outstanding social facilities, all of which harbor a warm, friendly and bustling community vibe. As a renowned school built on the Jesuit tradition, Le Moyne provides a holistic education that enriches students’ lives personally, professionally and intellectually.

The College’s graduate programs perfectly blend critical theory with real-world, practical experience. Graduates are recognized as competent and considerate professionals who vow to serve surrounding communities with knowledge, integrity, and a valued global perspective. The registration process for fresh graduate applicants is specific to each department, which include: Arts Administration; Business & Information Systems at the Madden School of Business; and Education at the Purcell School of Professional Studies, Physician Assistant Studies, Nursing and Occupational Therapy.

Graduate Programs in Arts Administration

Le Moyne’s brand-new, innovative programs in Arts Administration give creatively-minded students the chance to study and apply managerial concepts in an artistic setting. In this reputed, contemporary and interdisciplinary program, students explore the realm of marketing and fundraising, working alongside an experienced board of directors to interpret complex financial documents, ultimately gaining comprehensive understanding on the best way to manage a creative workforce. This program is the ideal preparatory route to a successful career in the visual or performing arts fields.

Here, students apply theoretical knowledge through unparalleled consulting projects with world-class international organizations, with partners like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the London Symphony, and Joe Public Marketing providing unforgettable cultural work experience for passionate students from Le Moyne. Regular contact with industry means students constantly interact with influential leaders of arts and culture, and visiting guest lecturers, and are given a host of opportunities to visit creative hubs like NYC, Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia, all of which provide the invaluable chance to network and learn from the business’s best.

Globalization of the Arts, a popular elective, allows students to experience the world’s entwined arts system first-hand, giving the option to pursue part of their studies overseas to gain a unique global perspective to benefit their career.

Business and Information Systems at the Madden School of Business

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Constantly striving for excellence in its highly-focused programs, the Madden School of Business offers advanced study through its MBA or Master of Science in Information Systems. With both part- and full-time options, the School provides flexibility on top of elite academics. Opportunities to gain internship positions around the world – including places like Chennai, India – means students leave work-ready and instilled with a powerful international outlook. Additionally, the MBA capstone course has previously been delivered in places like Mexico, Poland, and Scotland, giving students the chance to discuss and compare global business practices long before they graduate.

On top of all this, the Madden School of Business is home to the prominent Global Jesuit Case Series, an academic platform that brings scholars and leaders together to nurture and facilitate value-centered leadership. In partnership with the over 200 Jesuit colleges and universities around the globe, the Series disseminates business and social policy cases that embody the values of social justice, human dignity, moral leadership, and sustainability while simultaneously promoting organizational innovation and profitability.

The Department of Education

Le Moyne’s Department of Education presents a wealth of graduate programs for those aspiring either to teach, take on a leadership role in the education field, or otherwise grasp the critical foundations of education and training in a community or business environment. On top of giving students the chance to gain priceless classroom experience at institutions around the globe, the program’s current students – who hail from places like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Turkey – offer diverse global ideals and the chance to discuss differences in academic systems around the world, both in- and outside of the classroom environment – an advantage you’d be hard-pushed to find in most higher education settings.

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Physician Assistant Studies, Nursing, and Occupational Therapy

The College’s health and medically-based graduate programs are also firmly built on the foundations of significant international opportunities. Previous students enrolled on these courses had the chance to pursue hands-on training in countries like Ghana and Ecuador, as well as in intimate, underserved communities throughout the United States, presenting unrivalled opportunities to administer healthcare and advice to disadvantaged and disparate populations. Students of the respected Occupational Therapy program, for example, gain experience working alongside Le Moyne’s mentors at Far East University in Korea, opening the potential for meaningful exchange within this crucial, global profession.

So many opportunities for worthwhile travel and exchange means Le Moyne graduate students are readily-equipped with unique international perspectives long before they graduate. And with so many graduate recruiters citing the ability to contribute fresh, creative outlooks as a major criterion in the decision-making process for new hires, it’s hardly surprising that Le Moyne College graduates are desired by employers around the world.

“Students do not come to this college in search of shortcuts or material comforts, as attractive as they may sometimes seem,” says Linda M. LeMura, President of the College. “They come to this College in search of something much more profound. They’re yearning for what the Jesuits have refined in 500 years of scholarship and reflection,” she adds. “They want – and deserve – an education that is worthy of their curiosity, an education that honors their humanity, an education that guides them through the uncertainty of the future.”

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