Graduates get a foot in the door at Le Moyne College

“I studied Environmental Science and had the privilege to learn from professors who taught me about conservation, and nature, and science, and everything that I’m passionate about. I also got to go to Iceland, which is awesome, and…I kind of figured out what my purpose in the world was, which was conservation filmmaking. I never gave up until I got in and it ended up being very rewarding. I thank Le Moyne for a lot of that.” – Sam Peltz, class of ’15, National Geographic Presenter and Producer

Located in Syracuse, central New York state just east of the famous Finger Lakes countryside, Le Moyne College is honored to be “just a little younger, cooler and better looking than most of the other Jesuit colleges.”

Nestled on a 160-acre, hillside campus in the heart of the fourth-most populous state, Le Moyne’s 48 buildings include custom-built academic spaces and outstanding social facilities, all of which allow a friendly and bustling community vibe to flourish and inspire. As a world-reputed school built on the Jesuit tradition, Le Moyne provides a holistic education which enriches students’ lives personally, professionally and intellectually.

“Le Moyne is certainly one of my fondest memories; Le Moyne is where I learned how to learn,” explains Marc Brown, M.D, Class of ’75, now serving as a successful Dermatology Surgeon at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The former student adds, “Le Moyne was the first stepping stone to allow me to be where I am today.”

College generally begins with a whole heap of questions: “Where do my talents lie?”; “How can I be defined as an individual?”; and perhaps most importantly, “Where do I see myself when all of this is over?” But luckily for you, the Manresa Program was implemented to help you lay out feasible conclusions, offering a range of seminars and small group sessions to set you on the path that best suits your exclusive traits and attributes.

As well as an integrated internship placement, career counselling and detailed job interview practice, here you will learn in designated core and interdisciplinary courses directly related to your own progression, also reaping the advantage of community activities, service learning programs and Manresa-specific lectures and workshops that run throughout the year.

The balance struck between value and accessibility is part of what makes the college so successful, with numerous scholarships and financial incentives ensuring education remains open to everyone. As an institution, Le Moyne strives to maintain the positive power attached to being unique, using this to benefit students and thus the world at large. The Dolphin Award, for example, is a scholarship and career-readiness program specifically-designed to be attainable for everyone and bolster student success.

The focal point of the award is an automatic US$10,000 scholarship, granted over a four-year period for incoming full-time first-year students – and this all comes with no strings attached, falling into the laps of ambitious applicants on top any other merit- or need-based assistance they are eligible to receive.

Dolphin Award participants connect with an experienced mentor from day one, relying on this instructor to guide them toward a major that aligns with future interests and goals. This qualified advisor ensures you stay on track throughout your four-year degree, keeping you on the steady route to unleashing your full potential.

But the perks of the award do not stop there, with professors also working side by side with career professionals to empower you through thorough interview practice, before linking you to a meaningful, yet challenging, real-world internship placement.

Veronica Ung-Kono, a Political Science and Communications major with a pre-law concentration, pursued an internship with global non-profit, The Borgen Project, in the summer of 2016. Due to graduate next year, the student gained insight from the program that she found to be unbelievably worthwhile, standing as an advocate for impoverished communities in all corners of the globe.

“Much of the background one needs to fully be able to work with The Borgen Project is a great understanding of international affairs, US foreign policy, different legal systems and how they operate at different levels, and the UN’s involvement in the international community,” she says.

“I’m learning a lot more about international diplomacy and international affairs, but also a lot more about how easy it is to get involved in politics. Getting involved and advocating for more people to get involved is a huge part of The Borgen Project.”

Ung-Kono acknowledges that a large part of her triumph is owed to the opportunities gained at Le Moyne. “I believe all of my political science courses have helped me not only to be chosen for this internship, but also thrive in it. My communications and English classes have definitely helped with my writing and being able to clearly communicate all that I need to.”

Above all else, Le Moyne works hard to enrich you with relevant and adaptable professional opportunities that seem to know no bounds. You will forge powerful connections and create experiences that inform your professional future from the minute you set foot on site. You will leave confident and readily prepared to navigate an increasingly globalized world, fuelled by your ability to represent the unrivalled communicator, collaborator and critical thinker sought by the modern employer.

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