Yoda appears with Saudi king in high school textbooks
Fire him we must. Source: Shutterstock

With Jedi master, Yoda and revered Saudi Arabian royalty King Faisal signing the UN charter in San Francisco in 1945, it’s as powerful as photographs go. One can even feel the force, so to speak.

Except the photo isn’t real, if you haven’t  guessed by now.

The doctored photo by Saudi artist, Abdullah al Shehri, had turned up in a social studied text book for high school students last week and went viral.

“I am the one who designed it, but I am not the one who put it in the book,” he told The New York Times

The doctored photo showed Yoda by the side of King Faisal, a prince and foreign minister then. It’s a real photo that the artist had found – only Yoda wasn’t a part of it in the real version.

The photo is actually part of a photo series by Abdullah, where he mixes pop culture icons into historic photographs.

The Saudi government has apologised for the “unintended mistake” and withdrawn the textbooks. New ones with the correct photo will be issued.

According to The Nation, state-linked Okaz news website said the Undersecretary for Curricula and Educational Programs Mohammed al-Harthi has been fired for this mistake and was dismissed from his post on Monday.

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