7 things students are feeling about the new Wonder Woman film
The actress who plays Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, did her service in the Israeli Defensive Force in 2006. Source: Reuters

After last year’s Batman v. Superman dismal showing, we all were a bit hesitant to get out hopes high for the new Wonder Woman movie.

But now the reviews are in and it seems to be doing really, really well.

Domestic box office grossing on opening weekend was US$103.1 million and it’s not just regular movie-goers giving their thumbs up for the Amazonian princess.

Critics are weighing in with glowing reviews too! We’ll let you read on your own (spoiler-free, of course):

“Director Patty Jenkins’ film is so threaded with sincerity and goodness it’s a wonder how it got past the pugnacious minds responsible for what’s come before … Just look to the image of Gal Gadot confidently striding out alone onto an unwinnable battlefield with only a shield, a sword and a mission — and prevailing. It’s enough to give you goosebumps.” (Linda Bahr, Associated Press)

“It’s the kind of sequence that can give you goosebumps and provoke a few tears — Wonder Woman emerging from the trenches to save the day.” (Alison Willmore, Buzzfeed)


Did you know WW was inspired by one Elizabeth Marston who earned three degrees from Mount Holyoke College, Boston University and Radcliffe College, in a time where few women even had one college degree? Now, that’s one real-life superhero.

But what do college students today think about Marvel’s new big screen work on one of the world’s top feminist icon and student hero? We ventured into Twitter to find out:

1. Comparison to the political landscape was inevitable

2. As well as a jibe at Gal Gadot’s political affiliations (she did her service in the Israeli Defensive Force in 2006, when IDF and Hezbollah-aligned militias in Lebanon traded heavy missile fire, resulting in many casualties and displacement)


3. But some were more concerned about other issues, such as whether they made the right choice ditching study time for movie time.



4. And whether the all-female screening for Wonder Woman in Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse deserves the backlash it is still getting.

5. But back to the movie. Art students love the opening scene

5. And for female students/graduates, all the girl power ~feels were undeniable




6. And with great (girl) power, comes great graduation caps as well


7. But the consensus is clear: Everyone (well, almost everyone) is loving Wonder Woman for being the game-changer for movies, being female-directed and starring a female superhero (brb, crying)


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