World-class Universities: Australia’s youngest and best

“Once people come to Australia, they join the team.” – Tony Abbott

Oxford, Cambridge, MIT and Harvard – these are schools we often equate with prestige and excellence.

But while they do consistently dominate global education rankings, adventurous minds keen for challenge and change are shopping around for more options, and are open to the next generation of elite education.

Characterised by a unique sense of humour, stunning natural landscapes and a sun-kissed way of life, Australia has always stood among the world’s most popular travel destinations. Our beloved land Down Under attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year as well as the most eager global wanderers, drawn by the prospects of beauty and widespread opportunity.

And while this country boasts a relatively small population of around 23 million, it still represents one of the most popular study abroad destinations among international students. While we’re all well-versed in the aspects that form the uniquely Australian culture, the region’s reputation as an education powerhouse is a lesser-known fact. But its global rankings and accreditations undoubtedly speak for themselves, with five of the world’s top 30 student cities enveloping Aussie streets.

As a region, Australia is considered one of the top three English-speaking countries for overseas study, providing an innovative, globally-recognised education for the past 100 years. And as a developed nation that continues to flourish as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, it serves as the ideal backdrop for students seeking rewarding long-term employment after graduation.

And in terms of universal prestige, young universities, established less than 50 years ago, are rising steadily up the ranks. Often excelling in research and practical learning, these higher education institutes are renowned for their dynamic and innovative approach to higher learning, as well as their distinct ability to challenge longstanding positions held by education pioneers. These institutions are the next generation of Harvards and MITs.

Graduates of these budding universities are evermore prepared for a position in today’s fast-evolving workplace. Less set on traditional scholarship and geared towards building a highly-skilled practical workforce, students of these schools already have one foot in the door of employment by the time graduation comes around.

These institutions understand that good career prospects are key considerations for prospective students looking to pursue higher education, with many seeking programmes with in-built practical training and work experience opportunities.

By taking up these offers, students gain invaluable insights to their career of choice, on top of learning sought-after expertise and building a professional network, all of which will greatly boost future employment options.

Given that most young universities are started from scratch with the intent of cultivating a world-class institution, the standard of Australian education is remarkably high with tailored curricula that reflect best-practice in the field.

With its pristine beaches, outdoor vibe, laid-back appeal and vibrant multiculturalism, Australia makes the perfect destination for international students seeking a new lease of life. And as devoted admirers and advocates of the academic realm, we know exactly what’s required to provide an unforgettable student experience in the heart of the land Down Under. Here are three outstanding universities that represent Australia’s youngest and best.


Hailed as Western Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse institution, Curtin University boasts a student population of over 58,000. More than a third of these students derive from global roots, supporting Curtin’s ranking as the 26th most international university in the world, according to the 2016 THEWUR 200 Most International Universities in the World.

Ranked within the top one percent of universities worldwide by the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017, Curtin’s reputation for excellence is reflected in its rapid climbing of the rankings. On top of this, the institution is placed fifth in Australia and 22nd globally by the QSWUR Top 50 under 50, highlighting its success in providing an innovative, collaborative learning environment with a resounding global outlook.

Curtin offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, humanities, health sciences, resources, engineering and related sciences, and its commitment to excellence in teaching and research extends beyond course delivery. The university forges significant, mutually-beneficial partnerships with industry and community organisations to share the benefits of their research outcomes and provide students the opportunity to learn in real workplaces.

As it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Curtin has its sights firmly set on tomorrow’s world, embarking on a long-term project to transform its main campus into a thriving urban community. The project, aptly named Greater Curtin, will deliver a range of public infrastructure and amenities on-campus, including a new bus interchange due for completion in 2018, recreational hotspots, retail and hospitality outlets.

In addition to the campus in Perth, Curtin has campuses in Dubai, Kalgoorlie, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as course delivery through more than 90 partner institutions worldwide.


QUT represents one of the nation’s fastest-growing research universities, inspiring students around the world with its innovative global focus and real-world relevance. As an ambitious and collaborative higher learning institution, the university’s world-class programmes are respected around the globe, consistently producing confident, competent graduates ready to take on the world.

QUT’s cutting-edge course portfolio is designed to push students to success no matter what their chosen specialisation. Not only will you gain a wealth of opportunities for practical workplace experience, you’ll also get the chance to forge invaluable industry connections from which you will draw great benefit as you progress in your career.

From its perch in the central business district of beautiful Brisbane, the capital and most populous city of Queensland, QUT boasts a multicultural population of around 2.12 million, with 25 percent of these residents originally hailing from overseas. Renowned for its laidback outdoor vibe and offering a range of enriching sporting, artistic, entertainment, cultural and nightlife activities, it’s hardly surprising that Brisbane is recognised, not only as one of the most popular and affordable study destinations in Australia, but also in the world.

Through 10 detailed and varied areas of study, QUT is inspiring powerful leaders in virtually every field. Its balanced combination of theory, practical learning, and the most contemporary technologies, as well as its unique range of programmes that are regularly reviewed and updated, expertly prepares graduates to face and conquer any challenge that comes their way.


One of the top two percent of the world’s higher education providers, Flinders is a recognised force in the field, representing a strong and popular choice for those hoping to study in the region.

Flinders has cemented its position among the youngest and most esteemed, frequently achieving high satisfaction scores on the International Student Barometer.

The school’s network spans 24,000 students across 15 study disciplines, from Law, Science and Medicine, to Creative Arts, Health, and Business Studies.

Established in 1966, Flinders University is a modern, dynamic institution that places importance on innovation and excellence in all academic programmes and research. Offering a vibrant and stimulating study environment, this institution holds a well-earned reputation for being a friendly, accessible, student-centred university.

And if you’re rather particular about the quality of student experience, you’ll be pleased to learn that over 90 percent of students have expressed satisfaction overall when it comes to their time at Flinders. Here, faculty believe in a student-centred culture that includes practical experience, professional placements and cutting-edge facilities built to meet your study needs.

Bedford Park is Flinders’ stunning vista of a main campus, set against a lake in the vibrant city of Adelaide. Its facilities are ultra-modern, with the newly built Hub and Plaza standing as its crowning star. The Hub features art studios and exhibition rooms, multi-level study lounges, and also houses a rich assortment of eateries and entertainment, including the Grind & Press café, The Tavern by Burger Theory, and the 2,000-seat terraced amphitheatre for moonlit cinema nights.

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