The Winchendon School: Evolving and Innovating

“While our school continues to evolve, the program has not strayed from Lloyd Harvey Hatch’s vision of a school that provided “a custom Education – with a scholastic program fitted to the needs and aims of each student.”” – Laurie Lambert, Head of School

It’s important for schools to understand that every child is a unique individual. For most parents, trying to find the right school for their precious son(s) or daughter(s) can be more than stress-inducing. But upon consideration of The Winchendon School, these same parents loosen with relief, confident and assured that this co-educational, private boarding and day school leaves their children in good hands.

This is an institution that does everything it can to appreciate each pupil. Faculty pride themselves on their ability to form tight bonds with class participants, ensuring every mind has access to the guidance and support it needs to reach its full potential.

Here, the curriculum centers on three core and crucial practices: practical learning, individualization, and self-reflection. As such, the Winchendon student experience has been purpose-built to refine essential expertise that pay off through college and beyond – including the ability to problem-solve, develop diverse outlooks and express clear, original ideas.

“I am proud of the progress and wisdom that each of our students gains as they spend their time here with us before leaving to head out into the wide world with college in their sights and a bright future in front of them,” explains Laurie Lambert, current school head.

“Our signature programs include a school-wide service learning program, a dedicated focus on feedback and self-reflection, personally relevant and experiential learning experiences both in and outside of the classroom, and our character attributes that weave through all we do.”

At Winchendon, staff are committed to providing education that’s individualized and highly-engaged. Thousands of connected parents and alumni have expressed how the school’s distinctive approach not only made the best of their education, but also became the catalyst that improved their lives.

Since it was established in 1926, the school has pushed through some major transitions, flexing to cultural and societal shifts while maintaining the very same focus and commitment, regardless of where the campus has been. After all, a great education is about forging great relationships between students, their peers, and their teachers – not about the buildings in which they learn.

But the school is about the embark on what is perhaps its greatest development, enriching The Winchendon School’s heritage of evolution and innovation that almost spans a century.

Around the world, many schools and colleges are faced with a dilemma: far fewer students and families are willing to commit to a boarding education, especially in more rural settings in the midst of the digital age.

In the last five years, Winchendon’s staff and faculty have developed a long-term strategy based on demographic and cultural trends. This procedure inspired an interesting question from all those taking part: wouldn’t we be doing a much better job in the delivery of our mission if we could bring the elite, distinctive Winchendon education to many more deserving students, at a much lower cost?

After several years of planning and consideration, the school has decided to launch a series of satellite campuses in major urban regions, all of which will reflect the culture and ethos found at the flagship campus in Massachusetts.

Above all else, these new locations will provide additional opportunities for staff and students in Massachusetts, opening the door for knowledge exchange and collaborative experience. On top of this, these new branches will make the Winchendon’s high-calibre academics both accessible and affordable for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, meaning thousands of students across the US will continually benefit from the school’s unique approach and methodologies.

So the school plans to open its first satellite campus in Brooklyn, New York, in September 2018. This cutting-edge campus will encompass the school’s long-held beliefs and programs, with some minor modifications for the day school setting.

“We want to be clear that a vibrant boarding school community in Winchendon, MA, is absolutely essential in the success of this satellite strategy,” explains the President of the Board of Trustees.

“The team at Winchendon will provide everything from curriculum and professional development, to administrative and financial services, to admissions and development operations, to college counselling and HR support for the satellite operations. We expect little change at the core of the Winchendon campus for students other than a stronger applicant pool in the coming years. There should be nothing but upside for both students and adults here at our flagship campus.”

All things considered, there’s never been a better time to invest in The Winchendon education.

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