6 Schools that promise an action-packed boarding experience

The ability to provide a holistic, well-rounded and stimulating education has become the pinnacle of success for global boarding schools in the course of recent years. Stepping further and further away from a focus that too heavily relied on the quality of exam results, these institutions are now looking to refine every aspect of the self, allowing students to develop not just individually, but also physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Promoting a diverse, all-encompassing curriculum that covers everything from science to the arts, sports to modern languages, humanities to technology and everything in between, these schools allow students to develop every aspect of themselves that makes them valued and unique. Offering warm and inclusive environments where the value of the individual is not determined by the extent of their abilities, but rather by everything that makes them who they truly are, allowing them space to grow into the best possible version of themselves.

These schools are often set in expansive green campuses, teeming with carefully-planned open spaces that means children can run, play and discover themselves, but also uncover the world around them. Not only does this guarantee a safe and secure environment in which your child can truly flourish, but also pledges a fun-filled and transformative learning venture, enlightening their perspective through the joys of imaginative play and creative interaction.

All this is complemented by access to unparalleled facilities, through which participants are urged to display lots of camaraderie and a little healthy competition across every discipline, regardless of whether it’s in sport or a more artistic realm. And to top it all off, supportive staff are on-hand to ensure no child feels left out, all the while instilling in them crucial life skills like companionship and sportsmanship that help them progress now and into the future.

And if that’s not enough to show how much your child will thrive post boarding school experience, a recent survey by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) reveals that 90 percent of boarding school graduates enjoy their experience, stating they would be happy to live their time once more, and cementing the many merits of studying away from the domestic setting.

Here are 6 Schools that promise an action-packed boarding experience for your child…


As stated by the School itself, it’s important for parents to pinpoint an academy that truly understands its students, and The Winchendon School’s diverse Faculty pride themselves on an ability to form tight-knit and supportive relationships, ensuring every student mind lives up to its full potential.

This co-educational Boarding School is a verified cultural melting pot, consistently attracting students who desire to study in a visionary, dynamic, and forward-thinking institution where the imagination can let loose.

Among the many things that make Winchendon so unique are its innovative programs, such as the Global Dynamics provision, as well as the ColLABs and Service Learning options, striving to make learning interactive and applicable to the wider world. According to Matt, a student at Winchendon, the ColLABs program “allows students to learn about new things with more hands-on experiences. The collaborative weeks also give us a chance to learn about something that we want to do.”

The great thing about The Winchendon School is that it isn’t solely driven by results, and while year after year, students continue to excel in an academic sense, greater emphasis is placed on development as a whole, creating strong, global graduates with the confidence to take on a complex adult world.


Recognising the ever-changing demands of today’s younger learners, Tilton School offers a highly-personalised education that caters for learning need. Here, teachers are committed to refining every student skill set, building a solid grounding in the Arts, Humanities and Sciences, while students are granted the freedom to think outside the box through a comprehensive and self-designed exploratory learning program.

Students can also take part in internship opportunities both on- and off-campus. Some choose to work with campus faculty members to pursue a possible career, while others go beyond campus boundaries to engage with regional professionals.

It’s a School that urges students to branch out on their own, extending far beyond the classroom and into the working world. Such programmes can take many forms; some choose to pursue independent study in one-to-one sessions alongside experienced faculty members – all of whom generally boast experience within the students’ passion or interest. Past participants have delved into the realms of Commercial Photography, Phenomenology and Existentialism, Financial Literacy, Sign Language, and Robotics, just to name a few.


Founded in 1889, this coeducational boarding and day school provides a unique education that is shaped by Canadian values, and also enhanced by the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework.

Homing in on personal development based on the principles of positive psychology, a legacy of intellectual rigour, and the perfect blend of academics, athletics, and the arts, Ridley equips students with the skills, habits, and experiences they need to build vibrant lives and succeed long into the future.

The Ridley experience integrates the traditional liberal arts with individual learning. By adopting an inquiry-based approach to education, students are instilled with the unique ability to steer their own experience, discovering and pursuing their individual passions as they strive to overcome every challenge that they face.

Reaching far beyond its 150 course offerings and elite sports teams, students here may choose from 14 interscholastic sports and over 75 student clubs and organisations, including film club, Model United Nations, and the VEX Robotics.


Set on 153-acres in the Scottish region of Perthshire, the Strathallan independent boarding and day school is nestled amongst plenty of green pastures, giving students to the chance to explore the nation’s great outdoors. The School offers a variety of academic, sport and creative activities to ensure every student has the chance to shine in an interest of their choice.

Students here can choose from over 55 out-of-class activities including, dance, debating, chess, photography, life guarding, judo, shooting, fishing and equestrian – for which the School has already won a host of individual and team awards.

Strathallan is proud of its academic achievements, promoting an all-round education and has a strong focus on theatre and dance, but also draws from a number of sports. To top this off, the School has recently invested in brand-new indoor sport facilities – not to mention its nine rugby pitches, three cricket squares and kayaking amenities.


Cheltenham College prepares its students to lead enriching and purposeful lives, offering an elite and holistic education founded on distinctly Christian principles.

In addition to conventional classroom learning, the School hosts an abundance of co-curricular activities, ensuring students dig deep into their interests and develop a well-rounded outlook of the wider world.

Cheltenham promises a wealth of clubs and societies to suit every diverse passion, from the Biomedical Society for aspiring Medics, Vets and Dentists, to the Economics and Business Society for entrepreneurial minds, the Modern Languages Society for the budding traveller, and the Christian Union for those looking to hone their faith.

The Combined Cadet Force refines student leadership skills, responsibility, self-reliance, teamwork and perseverance. “We don’t just teach,” the institution notes. “Our passion is education in the broadest sense of the word. We aim to promote genuine personal enquiry and intellectual appetite.”


Understanding that Boarding School life can be hectic, challenging and fun (sometimes at the same time), Rugby School does all it can to elevate the well-being of every student. There’s a lot to fit in a seven-day week in the Midlands – home of the beloved Shakespeare – so the School serves to promote excellence both within academia and extracurricular activities, whilst granting plenty of opportunity for students to forge friendships which may even last a lifetime.

“Members of the Rugby family flourish in a supportive and spiritually aware community, which challenges learners, develops resilience and encourages intellectual risk-taking,” says Peter R.A Green, Head Master of Rugby School.

“Essential to all that we do is the fostering of academic excellence and the nurturing of individual talents:  igniting the spark which stimulates a committed search for meaning, enabling students to develop a lifelong love of learning, while achieving outstanding results,” the Head Master adds. “Students are equipped with the tools to maximise their individual learning potential and reveal their own unique gifts.”

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