6 Boarding Schools that will prepare you for higher education and beyond
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According to a Bloomberg report, leadership, communication and strategic thinking are among the top skills cited by recruiters looking to hire recent graduates. In a competitive employment market, good results aren’t the only credentials you need to get a foot in the door. In order to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to be in possession of skills that will prove valuable to any potential employer.

These expertise will not only get you closer to achieving your career aspirations, but also boost your chances of gaining admission to the world’s leading universities. And when it comes to education academies that build character and develop well-rounded students, there’s no better place to consider than the elite Boarding School setting.

A survey by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) reveals that 90 percent of boarding school graduates enjoy their experience and claim they would be happy to live their time once more, proving that studying away from home has many positive merits. After all, Boarding School students become part of a diverse, global community of like-minded individuals, instilling an invaluable international perspective as they gain a unique and unforgettable study abroad experience.

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Here, students study in a welcoming environment with the support and guidance of committed, passionate teachers. In return, your child will learn what it means to be truly independent, responsible, and organised. For some academies, such as the Kent School in Connecticut, USA, the faculty believes that at times, students need to fail to learn how they can rise and progress from what might be perceived as a setback.

“In Kent, we allow it…We give students space to blow it every once in a while,” says Eric Houston, a teacher of the Kent School. “Of course, we have enough checks in place, especially with our advisor system, that we catch people before they fall. But they need to be prepared for the challenges of college, when they won’t have a safety net. And, ultimately, I believe you have to give kids enough room to fail in order to give them enough room to grow and succeed at their highest capability.”

Interested to know more? Here are 6 global boarding schools that serve as the ultimate preparation for your child’s successful future…


As a leading secondary school in the U.S., Kent School is a place where students learn, grow, and forge lifelong friendships. Since the School’s founding in 1906,  Kent’s prestigious curriculum has been consistently revised to reflect the needs of current students. Here, students pursue a wide range of courses that includes Engineering, Chemistry, Meteorology, Mandarin and more. Kent School students are challenged to create learning experiences that ignite their interests and utilise their talents.

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Each student is assigned an academic advisor who oversees every aspect of student life, from initial transition to academic success. Aside from an holistic education, the School offers arts, dance, drama, music and sports programmes in which students can participate. These activities allow students to discover their passions and hone valuable skills – whether it is creativity through the arts or teamwork during sports. With 1,200-acres of land, including 13 playing fields and a cross-country running course in Macedonia Valley, Kent School students are undeniably provided an unforgettable study experience.


This Catholic boarding and day school caters to female students aged 11 to 18, offering so much more than just a high-quality education. In fact, Woldingham promises to help girls achieve the academic standing, social ease and confidence needed to be themselves through a rich catalogue of academic and co-curricular programmes. Its unique THRIVE programme seeks to help students develop the growth mindset, resilience and self-worth needed to enjoy their successes and learn from their mistakes.

The School delivers leading academics in English Language, Mathematics, Religious Studies, English Literature, the sciences and modern languages up until GCSE/IGCSE, while the sixth form boats a comprehensive portfolio of 29 A Level subjects. Additionally, Woldingham greatly values the development of self-expression and creativity as a key part of each girl’s personal development, and aims to improve arts and sporting talents via several clubs and activities.

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Founded in 1619, Dulwich College is an academically selective independent school for boys, located in South London. Since its foundation, the institution has carved a long history of sending graduates to the most competitive of universities in the UK and worldwide. Through a balanced academic curriculum, Dulwich seeks to hone the natural abilities of each boy, placing heavy emphasis on the development of independent, creative thinking based on practical knowledge and conceptual understanding.

There are a wide range of subjects offered from art and classics to critical thinking and economics. And if you’re worried your child may have a hard time keeping up, the College has learning support services available for all students. For those interested in the arts, the College boats an extensive range of cutting-edge facilities, including art and ceramics studios, printing presses and an expansive arts library.


Ellesmere College holds a strong belief that while everyone learns differently, every learning style is an asset and a gift. More importantly, the School believes that both sports and the arts must be taken just as seriously as accompanying academic pursuits. Starting at the Lower School (Years 3 to 8), staff focus on creating independent people who are confident in their skills and capabilities for expression, while Year 9 Senior School pupils receive great intellectual benefits from Ellesmere’s competitive curriculum.

Here, students pursue a range of subjects that build towards the attainment of GCSEs. On top of this, the College emphasises the development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills through team sports, the Combined Cadet Force, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. For those aiming to further their studies after graduation, the Ellesmere Sixth Form provides A Levels and the prestigious International Baccalaureate programme.

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In the 21st century world, it’s just as important to equip yourself with skills needed to succeed in a competitive job market as it is to possess a high-class education. At Trinity-Pawling, staff aim to give students the very best of both worlds. Here, students are taught to find meaningful solutions, explore beyond the textbook with hands-on experiments and open their minds to new world views and discussions.

This college preparatory Boarding and day School welcomes boys from Middle (Grade 7 to 8) and Upper School (Grade 9 to 12), but it’s not all work and no play for Trinity-Pawling students, especially for those who are fans of athletics or the arts. The institution offers excellent sports facilities that include a synthetic turf field, football field, two baseball diamonds, tennis courts, plus unparalleled arts facilities such as a theatre, music, and a cutting-edge arts centre.


Located in Lakeville, Connecticut, the Hotchkiss School is an independent Boarding School that educates students from Grades 9 through to 12, and an intimate group of postgraduates. With an average class size of 11, students have the chance to ask questions, share opinions and learn from teachers as well as one another.

With more than 200 courses across seven departments (Classical & Modern Languages, English, Human Development, Humanities & Social Sciences, Mathematics & Computer Science, Science, and Visual & Performing Arts), the School offers a wide range of study that most students would not experience until college. Besides a comprehensive curriculum, the School boasts plenty of co-curricular activities to keep students busy. Whether it’s an organised team activity, varsity sports, theatre or school productions, all students are required to participate in extra-curriculars for at least two seasons of their total time at Hotchkiss.

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