Why students should choose an International Foundation Programme (IFP)
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Why students should choose an International Foundation Programme (IFP)

A springboard to degree-level studies, an International Foundation Programme (IFP) allows aspiring students to be fully integrated into university life and the student community from day one.

Ideal for learners who need extra time to get used to a new study environment or aren’t sure about which course they’d like to pursue, an IFP presents a plethora of programme possibilities and potential academic venues.

Typically taking a year to complete, the programme is perfect for ambitious students looking for immersion in a foreign country’s culture and language. It’s also suitable for students who have decided to study for a degree abroad but don’t yet have the required qualifications.

A leading example of successful International Foundation Programmes is the Loughborough College IFP.

Sharing a campus with The Times and Sunday Times UK University of the Year, Loughborough College is conveniently located in the centre of student communities and culture.

Linking a foundation year to the Loughborough College campus enables students to receive a comprehensive induction to their course and to life in the UK, including the welcoming Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) and access to a thriving surrounding area.

With everything they’ll ever need to feel happy and settled whilst studying at Loughborough College, students will enjoy using the accommodation facilities and speaking to the helpful Accommodation Team who are on call 24 hours a day.

Just a five-minute walk from the College and the LSU, and a ten-minute walk from the town centre, the Halls of Residence are a home-away-from-home for Loughborough College students.

Students will be living in safe and secure accommodation which is rated highly by Ofsted and Unipol and endorsed by the Accreditation Network UK (ANUK) and which offers full access to communal areas, complete with TV, Xbox and outdoor spaces for picnics and barbecues.

“The thing I like most about living in the college halls is that it’s very welcoming and everyone looks after each other. Living in halls provides all the facilities a student needs for getting used to living far away from home. I’ve made a lot of new friends, I have a great kitchen to cook in, a great room where I can study and everything I need,” says a Loughborough College resident.

On the study front, Loughborough College International Foundation Programme is a flexible learning experience, offering Academic English Study (AES) classes and a great selection of subject-specific modules.

Stemming from four key elements, the programme’s first element is Academic English Study. With these AES classes, students develop the skills essential for success at university, including notetaking, writing, research and presentation skills.

The second is subject-specific modules; these focus on equipping students with the foundation-level subject knowledge required to progress on to more specialised study at university. Written and developed over many years, specifically with international students in mind, they help students to learn about all the essential subject knowledge for their university study.

Acting as the third IFP success factor, tutorials connect tutors to students to support their academic development and monitor their progress. Loughborough College tutors also offer regular advice and help students apply for university through UCAS.

The final branch of the IFP is IELTS support. Throughout their foundation year, they’ll be expected to study 3 hours of IELTS per week and English language tutors will be on hand to help students improve their IELTS score before starting their degree programme.

Plus, at the start of the programme, students will discuss study plans, timetables and the structure of the International Foundation Programme to ensure they’re happy with their year at Loughborough College.

Graduating from the Loughborough College IFP in June, Omar Khaled felt inspired to pursue this programme by an organisation in his home country of Dubai, and by his brother who had already completed the foundation year at the College.

“My lessons are very interactive and there is a lot of communication between us students and teachers which makes it easier for us. As we share one student union with the university, we get the chance to interact with university students and to understand life in the university and to use the facilities there.

“My field of interest is engineering and the programme I am doing in the college has provided me with the basic knowledge which allows me to apply to any field in engineering, and the course has provided me with sufficient knowledge and different skills that will be very useful during my time in a university,” says Omar.

Another IFP applicant who graduated this year is scholarship student Rishika Thripathi. Selecting a Science and Engineering Foundation programme, Rishika was thankful for the College’s well-equipped labs as they provided her with practical learning opportunities.

Living at Loughborough College, Rishika stayed at the Gables, “I have the pleasure of attending fun activities every week in the form of Gables Night. I have also been chosen as the Gables Hall Representative, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity!”

And with life in Loughborough just an application away, students can uncover further information about the International Foundation Programme here or request the Loughborough College IFP prospectus.

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