What are the perks of becoming a Google student?
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It’s official: intern season has started over at Google!


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Intern season is officially here! #GoogleInterns #GoogleStudents #Google

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With so many internship applications arriving online, it’s the prime time to get searching and seeing what Google has to offer.

Through its virtual career fair, the multinational technology company outlines its working culture and tells prospective applicants what it takes to be a Google intern, student and employee.

Pushing the boundaries

At Google, a key perk is that you’ll learn how to push the boundaries of your thinking.

Innovation is an integral part of Google’s DNA – it’s a company determined to release any creative restrictions holding you back.

If you have ideas and initiatives you wish to put forward, the company will grant you a toolkit to evolve into long-lasting practices.

So, if innovation is also in your DNA, expect great things from the Google student lifestyle.


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The interns are coming …

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Monitoring employee happiness 

Known to build practical, dynamic and awe-inspiring offices, Google has thousands of enviable workplaces on offer.

Ultimately, the company wants its employees to be happy. It’s no secret that Googlers in San Francisco and Mountain View have reported being able to bring their pets to work, while employees in Mountain View, California and New York City have an on-site gym and new mothers get paid leave for up to 22 weeks!

But these are just a handful of perks, since Google students, interns and employees enjoy a multitude of advantages.

A company that prioritises your passions

Evidently, Google has many opportunities for you to pursue your passions.

Whether it’s in tech, software, people management or design, Google has a role for you!

Putting your aspirations first and matching them to your dream role, this is a great company to get your professional life into gear.

With so many perks to discover and an outstanding Glassdoor review, why not take a chance?

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