Quiz: Are you a ‘Googley’ student?
What does it take to be 'Googley'? Source: Shutterstock

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘Googley’?

Referring to the way that the web-search mogul, Google, looks for a certain combination of qualities called ‘Googleyness’ in their employees, you too may find this in the reflection of your personality.

In his book Work Rules, former Google senior vice president of people operations, Lazlo Bock, defines it as “a combination of fun, intellectual humility, conscientiousness, and a track record of having done interesting things, among other attributes.”

Have you got what it takes to be ‘Googley?’ Source: Giphy

But it’s not just Google that keep an eye out for these employable attributes – it’s other companies too!

To measure your ‘Googleyness’, take this quiz and see whether you match up to these qualities…

Do you daydream about inventing your own products or initiatives?


Would you say you're a rule breaker or that you stay inside the lines?


Do you enjoy taking part in extreme sports or adventurous holidays?


How often do you take the lead on university projects?


Ambition or reality?


Quiz: Are you a ‘Googley’ student?
You're a 'Googley' student!

You're an out-of-the box thinker with a desire to be innovative, disruptive and creative!
You may not be 'Googley', but you've got a lot going for you!

Not being 'Googley' doesn't mean you're not innovative in your own way. You may just be more analytical, reserved and prefer other working roles!

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