Business schools in Australia

With over 400,000 international students currently studying in Australia, it’s a testament that the Land Down Under is one of the most popular student destinations in the world. 

From top universities to incredible nature, vibrant cities, diverse culture, easy-to-access visas and travel opportunities, these features explain why many choose to embark on their undergraduate and postgraduate education journey in Australia. 

That’s not all for business students. Australia is one of the best places to do business. Its workforce is highly educated; there are abundant and diverse natural resources; and business standards are internationally competitive.

As one of the top countries that offer incredible job opportunities to both local and international students alike, this factor alone makes it exceptionally enticing to anyone looking to expand their horizons in another country. 

If you’re looking to study business in Australia, here are our top picks:


Business schools in Australia

Source: International College of Hotel Management

ICHM in Adelaide is a great college for students looking to become future-equipped business and hospitality changemakers of tomorrow.

It offers Business and Hospitality programmes such as the Master of International Hotel Management, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management), Bachelor of Business, , Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Diploma of Business, Diploma of Business (Entrepreneurship) and Diploma of Business (Marketing). These programmes are designed to be dynamic, creative and connected.

We now live in a world where it is not business and hospitality as usual — ICHM recognises this, hence it’s shaking things up with its programmes. Everything you learn will always go towards everything you need to succeed. Made ready, built for purpose, outcome-obsessed and a place where you can connect with like-minded students, ICHM is an excellent option to consider.

To ensure you become industry-ready leaders, ICHM provides Work Integrated Learning (WIL). ICHM secures work placements with global industry partners across the hospitality and broader business industries, so students can enhance their career prospects. They gain  in-depth on-the-job experience, put into practice the skills and knowledge learnt during the on-campus semesters, experience the hotel and other business environments, and more.

Thanks to all of these, 96.3% of ICHM students are employed shortly after graduating (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Graduate Outcome Survey (GOS) 2021). The institution has a proven track record, with over 2,500 students graduating to become world-class leaders in numerous industries. Constantly adapting to new changes, ICHM aims to nurture new breed-thinkers that will go on to become future changemakers. In short, ICHM gives you the skills, networks and hands-on experience to hit the ground running in the business and hospitality workforce. Click here to find out more.

TAFE International Western Australia

Business schools in Australia

Complete your business vocational education in one year at TAFE International Western Australia. Source: TAFE International Western Australia (Facebook)

TAFE stands for “Technical and Further Education,” a form of vocational education available to students looking to complete their tertiary education within a shorter period. 

Located in Perth, TAFE International Western Australia (TAFE WA) offers a Certificate IV in Business course, allowing students to gain a strong foundation in current business trends, ultimately equipping them with hands-on skills and knowledge to join the business workforce. From making presentations to learning how to manage customer needs and feedback and developing skills in business technologies, TAFE WA’s robust business course will provide the necessary skills.

Upon gaining the skills and experience offered by the Certificate IV in Business course, students can opt to further their studies by enrolling in TAFE WA’s Diploma of Business course. Also located in Perth, this course will let you learn skills and gain the knowledge you need to thrive in a business career and become an exceptional team leader in the industry. Offering a variety of electives to help you succeed, TAFE WA is your affordable one-stop solution to making a mark in the business industry. 

By taking on both the Certificate IV in Business as well as Diploma of Business courses, students will be able to join the business workforce within one year. They are set to take on roles such as Executive Officer, Office Administrator, Office Manager, Project Administrator.

International College of Management, Sydney

 Business schools in Australia

Obtain highly sought-after skills that can help you excel in the workforce at the International College of Management, Sydney. Source: International College of Management, Sydney Facebook

Scoring 79.6% for postgraduate (institution) and 82.4% for undergraduate (study area) under the “Student’s Overall Satisfaction Rate” category in QILT’s survey, the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) impressively achieved student satisfaction rates higher than the Group of Eight Australian Universities

Located in Sydney, ICMS has numerous campuses across the city, such as their Northern Beaches campus (where the film The Great Gatsby was filmed), city campus and ISCA campus, also located on the Northern Beaches surrounded by magnificent views of Narrabeen Lake and training grounds. 

As a Business school, ICMS provides numerous Business programmes in different areas, from marketing to entrepreneurship, sports management and more. With ICMS’s business programmes, you can obtain highly sought-after skills that can help you excel in the workforce. 

If that’s still not enough, ICMS also offers postgraduate courses such as the Graduate Certificate of Business and Master of International Business for those who wish to enhance their professional, management, communication, and decision-making skills as well as increase their understanding of how the global business industry function.

Melbourne Business School

Business schools in Australia

Discover your potential at the award-winning Melbourne Business School. Source: Melbourne Business School (Facebook)

If you seek postgraduate programmes in Business, you should check out the award-winning Melbourne Business School (MBS)

Jointly owned by the business community and the University of Melbourne, MBS is home to Australia’s first Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, which pioneered the development of business education in the country. 

Besides their renowned MBA programme, MBS has an extensive range of master’s degree programmes designed to help you excel in the business industry, depending on the career stage you are in. Whether you have just completed your bachelor’s degree, are in mid-career or have accumulated years of experience working in the business industry, MBS has the right postgraduate programme to expand your career in various fields, including Marketing, Human Resources, Actuarial Science, and more.

If you are a working professional struggling to find time for work and postgraduate studies, MBS also offers short courses. With numerous short courses offered for professionals, you can now elevate your skills and become recognised in the fast-paced and ever-changing working industry. 

Enjoy building connections? At MBS, your career will never stop advancing, thanks to over 10,000 alumni from around the world who remain connected with one another. MBS constantly reaches out to their alumni as the institution believes that the opportunity to learn and grow will never stop even after leaving the institution to join the workforce.

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