What a globalised education that creates responsible citizens looks like
Source: Concordia International School Shanghai, Facebook

A globalised education is part and parcel of the international school experience. Such institutions mould students to not only succeed academically, but flourish in other endeavours such as sports, fine arts, performing arts and other passions. More importantly, they receive the nurturing that empowers them to make a positive impact on those around them. 

The rigours of their curricula ensure this. It spurs students to think out of the box, and out of the context of their local settings. Pair this with experiential learning opportunities, such as trips abroad, and they form an expansive view of the world. 

The result? Graduates with the right knowledge, skills and experiences to take their next steps with confidence in the 21st century.

In Asia, students at these international schools receive a wholesome educational experience that not only promotes educational excellence, but helps them .find their place in the world:

Concordia International School Shanghai

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Concordia International School Shanghai provides a holistic education for its students that fosters a learning environment that is healthy, supportive and rewarding. Source: Concordia International School Shanghai

Situated in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, Concordia International School Shanghai is known for its strong community feel, which creates a caring atmosphere of connection and concern for others. The Concordia experience powerfully impacts both students and families. Its embracing community, culture of familial partnership, and robust academics all lend themselves to an environment in which students can flourish and grow.

Concordia provides a holistic education that focuses on more than rigorous academics. Here, the focus is on educating the whole child. Physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development are equally important.

At Concordia, this whole child philosophy comes to life through its Applied Learning courses. These courses encourage 11th and 12th grade students to think and delve deeper into their passion for a subject beyond the depths of their curriculum, helping them discover unique connections between their studies and real-world endeavours.

Whether it’s Social Entrepreneurship, Big Data, Epidemiology, or Global Development and Public Health, students will read and analyse journal articles or literature pertinent to their fields of study; foster leadership; and collaborate with peers as well as with experts in the field. Beyond these, students have competed nationally in its first-rate robotics team and the QuizBowl, among various other opportunities to discover and expand their passions.

On top of sparking academic vitality, Concordia encourages students to contribute to society. This is done through their Service Learning projects, such as the Youth Empowering Progress (YEP) that provides education and human care services in impoverished communities while fostering social responsibility within the Concordia student body. In a recent project, students learned how recycled plastic bottles were used to create fashionable swimwear.

The result of such authentic opportunities? Test scores that are higher than the US national average, matriculations to top universities, and graduates with their own unique balance of Global Citizen, Servant Leader, Spirited Athlete, Confident Artist, and Passionate Scholar.

Singapore American School

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SAS does not just prioritise academic excellence, it provides students with the social and emotional needs to become outstanding global citizens. Source: Singapore American School

Singapore American School (SAS) is one of the leading international schools in the world focused on providing the exemplary American educational experience with a global perspective. 

Although the school is known for its outstanding academic excellence, the social and emotional aspects of each student are tended to just as attentively. At SAS, a student’s success is not only determined by their own efforts, but with the help of their parents and teachers who play an integral part in creating the pathway for success for the student. 

SAS has adopted The Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework which trains students to master five core competencies. SAS believes that this powerful learning framework can help educate and inspire SAS students to navigate the world more effectively. 

In-depth and personalised learning is part of the SAS experience. Students are trained to think critically and to collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds, helping them to gain different cultural contexts and insights. Students can use their creativity to solve unique challenges as they discover their passion and purpose within and beyond schoo tool. 

Hands-on, experiential learning opportunities through service learning projects are ingrained in SAS students from as young as pre-K to Grade 8 as it is embedded in their curriculum. Students participate in student-led initiatives to help their school, community as well as respond to local and global needs. They find meaning in helping others when they brainstorm, research, interview, plan activities, establish connections and contribute to various causes. 

As a result of this, students who work on these projects develop skills such as initiative, collaboration and organisation. Such valuable life skills learned from participating in service learning help students to become responsible, enlightened and reflective global citizens.

Marlborough College Malaysia

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At Marlborough College Malaysia, pupils get to participate in Outreach activities which hone their sense of social responsibility and help them to put their thoughts into action. Source: Marlborough College Malaysia

At Marlborough College Malaysia, pupils get to participate in Outreach activities which hone their sense of social responsibility and help them to put their thoughts into action. Source: Marlborough College Malaysia 

Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM) provides a British education tailored to stimulate, challenge and support students in discovering and developing their talents in various areas. 

Set on a safe and spacious 90-acre estate, Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM) is guided by principles of compassion, companionship and conversation. Here, students join the faculty in pursuing questions, not simply answers; in discovering ideas, not merely facts; and in appreciating the journey, not solely the destination.

Highly rigorous academics, a caring community, qualified teachers, student-focused learning, and college-preparatory courses — these are the features that ensure student success at MCM. Academic programmes here offer students myriad opportunities and challenges in a supportive environment. The school’s IGCSEs and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme opens the doors to many of the world’s finest universities.

What sets the college apart is its range of co-curricular opportunities. From sport to music and art, each and all provide challenge and comfort as a critical part of a meaningful holistic education. They develop a pupil’s understanding of global issues and their responsibilities as global citizens. “The provision of co-curricular activities is a real strength of the college,” according to COBIS Report 2021.

“With our shared DNA and close links with Marlborough UK, we value and instil breadth of experience, intellectual rigour, creative joy and sporting excellence,” says Alan Stevens

Master of Marlborough College Malaysia. MCM students engage with a broad range of activities outside the classroom — from sports, music and art to drama, activities, outreach and educational trips.  

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