Concordia Shanghai: A vibrant academic experience
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Concordia Shanghai: A vibrant academic experience

“The best international schools in the world are in Asia, as determined by achievement on 2015 content-based external assessments–and Concordia consistently ranks among the top.”

Concordia International School Shanghai is a diverse education community. Here, a culture of involvement and interaction between students, faculty and engaged parents creates a unique academic ecosystem where students bloom in perfect learning conditions. The ethos of the community is underpinned by strong core values, which serve to bring the school together, creating the ideal foundation for the success of the entire community. These shared values, contribute to an environment that builds character, cross-cultural collaboration and academic excellence.

Concordia encompasses a whole child philosophy and creates a welcoming environment for students. The comprehensive American curriculum, from Preschool 3 to Grade 12, allows students to discover their own unique balance, helping them become global citizens, servant leaders, spirited athletes, confident artists, and passionate scholars. Concordia students are inspired to create their unique blend of these skills, with interests and passions nurtured holistically, intellectually, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

The Elementary program at Concordia places emphasis on developmentally appropriate environments and situations, enabling children to flourish as they build a solid foundation in the fundamental areas of literacy, mathematics, sciences, and social studies, as well as being exposed to various areas of fine arts and physical education.

The middle school program expands on this experience, where students explore new ideas and build on existing ones. The students are presented with increased expectations for independence, responsibility and leadership, all within a supportive and positive environment.

Concordia’s high school program is focused on providing students with a more well-rounded life experience and an academic curriculum uniquely designed to suit the needs of each individual student. Whether pursuing a special interest in science, mathematics, English, or the arts, every student is granted the facilities and support needed to succeed. Advanced Placement (AP) classes are offered as a way to challenge our students to excel across disciplines.

More than 82 percent of all AP tests undertaken by Concordia students since 2010 were scored at 4 or 5; 49 points higher than the global average, demonstrating the excellence found both in the school and its faculty. An independent study also revealed that 98 percent of Concordia’s alumni said they were well prepared for university, with 78 percent stating that they were better prepared than their peers.

Some 250 graduates from the classes of 2015 to 2017 were accepted to 347 universities in 12 countries, with students going on to study at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Hong Kong, and Imperial College of London, among many more.

The school uses curriculum incubators to develop educational experiences that respond to particular student interests. Concordia strives to constantly raise the bar in education, co-curricular activities and service, creating a diverse intersection of passion, excellence, and community.

Concordia maintains a flexible academic program, which allows teachers to move beyond a prescribed curriculum towards more authentic learning experiences. Here, students develop and discover new skills and apply their classroom knowledge in new contexts through a wide-reaching range of applied learning courses and co-curricular clubs and programs, such as Explorations – a two-week program for grades nine and ten that offers rigorous experiential learning opportunities.

The school also features an educational travel program, specifically designed for students to grow through intimate experiences and improved understanding of China. Elementary students get to explore Shanghai through day trips and in-school service experiences, while middle school students embark on engaging trips to four of China’s most historic and scenic regions. The travel program for High School students seeks to develop communication and leadership skills, self-reliance and compassion, drawing students out of their comfort zone for a weeklong experience to destinations around the country.

World-class faculty are on hand to help students enhance newfound skills, creating endless opportunities for students to experiment and explore their interests and hobbies. Teachers have even created specialist classes to cater to the passions of particular students. Principals and assistant principals work tirelessly to ensure each student is supported and nurtured throughout their years schooling.

“Concordia has some of the most caring and qualified teachers I have ever met,” said former student Jonah, who graduated from Concordia in 2013. “They set high standards for their students but also dedicate a lot of time to helping students succeed. Additionally, I really appreciate the variety of experiences that Concordia provided me with, from Interim trips to conferences, sports tournaments to assemblies, which helped me to grow not only as a student but as a person.”

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