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Westlink International School: An International Programme that leads to global success

Established just this year as part of the International Schools Partnership’s (ISP) growing number of esteemed schools, Westlink International School in Hanoi is as modern as can be. Drawing from the insights, practices and resources from nearly 60 thriving schools in 17 countries, Westlink is able to offer its students a wide and rigorous curriculum taught by outstanding teachers in a state-of-the-art purpose-built environment to ensure each child receives the education they deserve.

“When you become part of the Westlink family, you choose a school that is committed to providing your children with the skills and abilities needed to become good people, critical thinkers and successful, responsible internationally-minded citizens and leaders,” says Founding Principal Dr. Roderick Crouch.

To achieve these outcomes, Westlink has chosen to become  a candidate school with the International Baccalaureate. Students in grades Intro-12 will follow the IB framework, ultimately graduating from High School with the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Westlink interweaves this framework with US Common Core Standards in Primary School and Middle School to ensure students are on track for success. Supporting this, the student is actively encouraged to explore, ask, and research while developing responsibility and resilience. This level of inquisitiveness fast-tracks their growth to becoming global citizens capable of contributing to a better world.

The academic programme develops both essential knowledge and professional skills, such as critical thinking as well as an international mindset. These understandings and skills are built on a foundation of core subjects including English, Mathematics and Science. All students are able to develop their talents or discover new passions through the addition of specialist subjects such as Art, Music, ICT, Physical Education, Dance or Drama.

Extra-curricular activities help advance respective personal and academic interests. Westlink offers a variety of specialised after-class extension and extra-curricular activities, such as Sports Club including swimming and other sports, Art Club, musical activities such as choir, band or musical theatre, Literacy Development, and Learning Reinforcement.

Students attend Westlink’s newly-built campus, which occupies an area of 2.5 hectares at the western West Lake urban area. Built with students’ learning in mind and based on the latest research into school building design, the Primary School and High School buildings are nestled on expansive, landscaped, and naturally-rich grounds.

All classrooms are spacious, well-ventilated, and beautifully furnished, equipped with writable walls, white boards, and a wide range of digital tools and software. Designated science classrooms, STEM labs, and state-of-the-art food science and technology rooms are also part of the campus. Of course, Arts spaces abound for young creative minds keen on expressing themselves in theatres, black boxes, dance and drama studios, sound studios, visual and digital literacy studios, and music and visual arts rooms.

The International Schools Partnership

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“Our newly built campus is a technology-enriched environment designed to spark innovation and creativity,” says Dr. Crouch. “All spaces were designed to encourage our students to inquire and learn in a thoroughly modern environment.”

International Learning Opportunities for Students (ILOS) take things a step further. Since Westlink is a member of a global group of schools, its students also take pride in being part of ISP’s wider international community. Hence, enrollment leads to numerous unique learning and cultural opportunities.

One example is the ISP Buddy Exchange Programme. Open to High School students, it transports students overseas to experience living and learning in a new country. ISP Model United Nations links students from across the globe to experience an educational simulation of an actual UN Conference. Meanwhile, the ISP International Summer Camp was conceptualised to forge connections, enabling students to meet other ISP pupils while enjoying various exciting adventures.

What’s more, there’s the ISP Maths Challenge, ISP Film Festival, ISP Chess Tournament, and the sustainability-driven ISP Futures campaign, amongst others. While each is unique from one another, all were brought to life to help students connect with others, develop crucial life skills, realise their true potential, and become more responsible global citizens.

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