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Western Michigan University: One finance degree, endless possibilities

To master the art of making money, start by studying it. A finance qualification can open many doors, especially since all sectors require professionals capable of making informed decisions that could spark short- and long-term organisational growth. Unlocking these possibilities has never been easier thanks to Western Michigan University (WMU) Haworth College of Business’s Master of Science in Finance degree.

The 30-credit-hour programme was designed to equip students with the advanced analysis skills needed to accelerate or launch careers in finance, asset management, investment banking and computational finance. Its emphasis on quantitative skills ensures graduates stand out in a competitive talent pool, while its customisable nature guarantees all career goals are met.

Alongside core required courses, three specialisations are offered: corporate financial planning and analysis, securities and markets, as well as data analytics in finance. All routes lead to an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of financial systems. Speedy completion is an added bonus.

“The accelerated nature of the programme, with the potential to complete it in one calendar year, makes it a great option for international students looking for an efficient way to advance their knowledge and careers,” says Professor of Finance Dr. David Burnie. “Flexibility for part-time students and course options that allow for in-person or remote attendance also makes the programme attractive to potential students.”

Source: Western Michigan University

In the Greenleaf Trust Trading Room, finance students use the Bloomberg Terminal to research real-time market movements. Source: Western Michigan University

Professionals with existing responsibilities need not worry about shifting their schedules. Supple delivery was set in place to ensure all individuals with a desire to apply financial models and use quantitative tools are provided with the knowledge they will need to climb the ladder. Those keen on pursuing a career in investment analysis or sitting for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) exam will also benefit from the Master of Science in Finance programme’s comprehensiveness.

“This degree programme is even a great option for those who believe they may wish to pursue a Ph.D., providing foundational skills and courses that are likely to transfer to many reputable programmes,” affirms Dr. Burnie. “All students will receive collaborative opportunities to not only learn the theory but apply concepts to practical, real-world problems.”

The opportunities Dr. Burnie speaks of nurture real-world quantitative skills. To match the programme’s emphasis on experiential and relevant instruction, WMU offers its Master of Science in Finance students unlimited access to state-of-the-art facilities.

For example, in the Greenleaf Trust Trading Room, students use the Bloomberg Terminal to research real-time market movements while getting accustomed to the technologies today’s investment professionals are leveraging. Meanwhile, at the Sanford Centre for Financial Planning and Wellness, they experience programming related to both financial literacy and personal financial planning. The centre provides resources and coaching to WMU’s entire student body and the greater West Michigan community, as well.

Source: Western Michigan University

Todd Sanford from Mercer Advisors believes WMU’s Master of Science in Finance is powerful enough to give graduates “an advantage over their competition.” Source: Western Michigan University

The Master of Science in Finance programme is STEM-approved. This means international students are eligible for up to 24 additional months of occupational training in the US. Whichever organisation they join, WMU graduates arrive ready to add value in ways most others cannot—at least not right off the bat.

“In my professional opinion, a standard MBA programme offers a curriculum that is broad-based and useful for some corporate roles. However, from a finance employer’s perspective, the coursework in those programmes lacks the concentration of classes that corporate finance, accounting managers or comptrollers would prefer for their advanced-degree hires,” explains Todd Sanford, Senior Wealth Advisor and Director at Mercer Advisors.

“The WMU Master of Science in Finance allows for the specialisation that is key today for placement and advancement in all fields, and especially in finance. The WMU degree will be well-received by employers and give graduates an advantage over their competition when applying for managerial positions.”

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