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Western Michigan University: Evolving professionals into recession-proof leaders

Never waste an opportunity, not even a recession. Turmoil almost always results in an upturn that can be leveraged—especially by those equipped with a qualification dynamic enough to take recovered economies by storm. It all begins with career-accelerating, in-demand skills, all of which can be cultivated with Western Michigan University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Delivered by the Haworth College of Business, this programme comprises seven required courses that teach the art of managing teams and organisations through relevant lessons in data analytics, finance, accounting, marketing for decision-making, strategy, negotiation, and communication. Five electives ensure all students can allocate time to the subjects most aligned with their long-term goals.

“The students who take classes in our MBA programme gain valuable proficiencies that are immediately transferable to their current jobs and prepare them for career advancement,” says Dr. Steve Newell, Associate Dean of Operations and Graduate Programmes for the Haworth College of Business.

“The faculty in the programme help students refine communication and presentation skills, improve their ability to analyse business data to make more informed strategic decisions, and work with each student to develop effective leadership skills.”

Amber Lim from Malaysia can attest to this. She knew that a customisable programme would help her “find her authentic leadership style.” But she’s well aware she wouldn’t have developed the confidence to do so without the support of her educators.

Source: Western Michigan University

Amber Lim is currently serving as an academic mentor at WMU. Source: Western Michigan University

Dr. Jennifer Palthe influenced Lim the most. Beyond being “extremely helpful” in getting Lim adjusted to her programme, Dr. Palthe made learning delightful. “She keeps us engaged during lectures and has a magnetic method of delivery that makes the content we are learning enjoyable,” says Lim. “I love that she not only has a passion for teaching, but a passion for us to learn.”

Renuka Phillips, Director of Graduate Programmes and the Global Business Centre, was especially helpful to Lim from the start of her WMU journey, when several decisions had to be made to ensure she would make the most of her MBA experience. “In addition to this, she is always so quick to answer any questions,” says Lim.

It’s easy for Phillips to understand what students need. As a WMU MBA graduate herself, she knows how the programme is as an apt choice for students keen on gaining the skills and knowledge needed to become better leaders and communicators, which in turn means gaining an advantage over other job applicants.

“It is also about expanding your professional network and building lifelong connections,” she says. “As a graduate of this programme, I had the privilege of learning with and from classmates, who came from all over the globe, representing diverse cultures and experiences, which fostered a rich learning environment.”

Source: Western Michigan University

Renuka Phillips was a full-time MBA student at WMU before she took on the role of Director of Graduate Programmes and the Global Business Centre. Source: Western Michigan University

Passionate discussions are common when students are exploring riveting topics. For example, the Presentation, Negotiation and Communication for Managers course teaches students how to deliver difficult news, come to a consensus, be transparent, give engaging presentations, and negotiate with others. Foundational lessons in leadership, finance, accounting, and marketing abound as well, and rely on experiential learning, where theory is applied to actual businesses.

Just recently, MBA students in the Marketing for Managerial Decision Making  course consulted with ZOFO, a small family-owned Mexico-based company in Cancun that needed help with its strategy. “Hands-on, experiential learning is the cornerstone of our MBA curriculum,” explains Dr. Marcel Zondag, Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of the college’s Food Industry Research and Education Centre. “This project encompasses all the theoretical topics you find in a traditional lecture class. However, instead of hearing about strategic marketing, the students are experiencing it in real-time and with real data.”

For the Data Analytics for Managerial Decision Making course, students learn the importance of data and analytics in today’s technology-focused market, priming them to flex data science skills, techniques and tools for future employers. Through this course, students gain a solid foundation in analytics and strategy before being given the option to advance to machine learning and data mining lessons—both of which have become increasingly crucial in making practical business predictions and other data-driven decisions.

It’s little wonder why 95% of MBA students had a job or were pursuing additional higher education within three months of graduating. Wherever they go, they typically earn top dollar. According to a 2021 Corporate Recruiters Survey, MBA graduates in general have a median salary that is 77% higher than that of people with a bachelor’s degree alone.

So what are you waiting for? The career-advancing opportunity of a lifetime awaits through WMU Haworth’s dynamic MBA. Click here to apply today.

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