Are you bored? Check out these free websites to kill time

websites to pass the time
A man plays games on his laptop at a cafe in Hanoi. Manan Vatsyayana/AFP

Are you bored? Or do you have some time on your hands but are looking to spend it differently? We get it — some days, we feel like doing something else. 

Thankfully, the internet is a trove of websites and information. Not only does it contain countless valuable websites that help with schoolwork, studies and research materials, but it hosts fun and interesting (and maybe meaningless) websites to pass the time too. 

Twitter user Paul Griffiths recently shared a thread of websites he found useful in helping netizens kill time. Aside from his list of cool websites, we also scoured the world wide web for more website suggestions worth checking out. 

18 fun websites to pass the time

1. Staggering Beauty 

Staggering Beauty is a website with an animated worm on it. Your job? To make the worm dance. Known as the rave worm, it dances to the movement of your mouse cursor — a quick and fun way to help you kill time. Tip: Move your mouse as fast as possible and see what happens. Click here for the website. 

2. Endless Horse

On this website, you’ll see a horse with really long legs created out of text and symbols. The catch? Scroll the website, and you’ll discover that there’s actually no end to its legs. Your job is to keep scrolling the website until it reaches the horse’s hooves. 

We highly doubt there’s an end to its legs, though. We scrolled for a long time and never got to the horse’s hooves. Think you can prove us wrong? Click here for the site. 

3. Cat Bounce 

On Cat Bounce, it’s raining cats and … more cats.  Here, a bunch of bouncy cats will greet you. Some cats are bouncier, so use your mouse to drag each cat you see. Want more cats? Click on the “Make It Rain”  icon. Click here for the site. 

websites to pass the time

Waste a toilet paper roll by scrolling your mouse wheel. Source: Paper Toilet

4. Hacker Typer 

Ever wanted to feel like a hacker? With Hacker Typer, it’s possible. Hacker Typer generates random codes as you punch your keyboard letters. Press certain keys on your keyboard, and you can generate an access denied or granted on your screen. Click here for the site. 

5. The Deep Sea

This website lets you scroll to the bottom of the ocean. As you keep scrolling, you’ll learn about the different kinds of marine life at varying ocean depths. Click here for the website. 

6. OMFG Dogs

Watch a litter of dogs running to retro synth-pop music. Click here for the website. 

7. HeyHo

A website that greets you with “Hey” and “Ho” with repeated vowels for emphasis. That’s it, really. Did you expect more? Click here for the website. 

8. Find The Invisible Cow 

On this website, your job is to find an invisible cow by following the “shouts.” The more “shouts” you hear, the closer you are to finding the hidden cow. Since the website’s launch, netizens globally have found over 75 million cows. Click here for the website. 

9. Paper Toilet 

Scroll your mouse to finish the roll of toilet paper. That’s literally all there is to this website. Click here for the website. 

websites to pass the time

This website rates how secure your password is in a condescending manner. Source: The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

10. The Passive Aggressive Password Machine 

Think your passwords are strong? This website will decide for you. Enter any password, and the Passive Aggressive Password Machine will be honest about your password’s strengths. Do you think you can impress it? Click here for the website.

11. MapCrunch 

MapCrunch updates its site daily with a random 360° street view. Log in to the website daily to discover new streets worth checking out. Click here for the website. 

12. Scream Into The Void 

Vent your frustrations and stress by typing them out and sending them into the void on this website. A pretty handy site, we have to say. Click here for the website. 

13. Autodraw 

Put your drawing skills to the test on Autodraw, which will attempt to guess what you’re drawing. According to the site, it can guess hundreds of drawings, and continues to add new drawings over time to improve its suggestion tool. Click here for the website. 

14. Akinator 

Akinator is an in-game character that attempts to guess a specific character, object or animation on your mind. It’s an impressive guessing tool as it can usually guess the subject within a few rounds of questions. For added fun, make it guess obscure or niche topics to throw it off its game. Click here for the website. 

websites to pass the time

Pet the cat to accumulate pop points. Source: Pop Cat

15. Popcat  

Pet a cat on this website to accumulate pop points. The best part? It’s a highly competitive website where netizens around the world compete to determine which country can accumulate the most pop points. Hong Kong currently takes the lead with a whopping 122 billion pop points. Think you can bring your country to first place? Click here for the website. 

16. Buzzfeed quizzes 

This site needs no introduction. If you have hours to kill, why not try your hand at Buzzfeed’s quizzes to know which celebrity you are, your personality, your dream home and more?  Click here for the website. 

17. Reddit 

Reddit hosts countless forums and channels that cater to a specific topic. These forums and channels have discussions, stories, videos, images and more, all of which can engross and occupy you for hours. For instance, the r/todayilearned channel has users sharing highly interesting things that most people would not have known about. The r/nosleep channel shares some of the spookiest stories that will keep awake at night. Click here for the website. 

18. Explore 

Can’t find a series on a streaming platform to keep you entertained? Check out Explore, which broadcasts live reality clips of nature and animals. You can even catch household pets such as cats getting up to mischief when their owners are not at home or watch a litter of puppies sleeping in the playpen. Click here for the website.