Watch this family’s hilarious back-to-school parody of a DMX song

It’s back-to-school season, and parents across the U.S. are celebrating, including Penn and Kim Holderness, who make up one-half of the YouTube-famous Holderness family.

In their typical fashion, the family teamed up to make a parody music video celebrating the end of a ‘grueling’ summer filled with petty fighting, cumbersome trips to the community swimming pool, and forgetting to complete summer reading lists.

Inspired by the DMX hit, “Party Up (Up In Here)”, the catchy chorus goes: “Y’all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here. Y’all need to go back to school, up in here, up in here.”

Not to say that the kids don’t have their own gripes: their son, Penn Charles, threw in some choice lines about his parents sleeping in ‘til noon and leaving breakfast cereal on the floor without a spoon, saying: “You make breakfast like that? Seriously, I am not a cat.”

Their daughter, Lola, also had her own complaints about being slathered with too much sunscreen when playing outdoors, comparing it to cream cheese.

On Facebook, many of the commenters were parents expressing how much they could relate to the video: 

Needless to say, both parents and kids are probably happy for the new school year to start.

“Three months together is a beautiful thing, but yeah, time for the bell to ring!”

You can check out more of the Holderness family’s entertaining parody videos here.

Image via YouTube

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