Washington College: Inclusive, collaborative and vibrant
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Washington College: Inclusive, collaborative and vibrant

At Washington College, students succeed on their own terms. There is no such thing as a singular measure to learn and experience at this college founded in 1782. Whether it’s through language, culture, leadership, experiential learning or campus life, there is a way for each and every student to make an impact here.

With 1,300 students from 26 countries, this is an inclusive college that lets students from all backgrounds and walks of life shine. And with a student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1, every Washington College student is acknowledged and nurtured individually to become global citizens and leaders. What better place to discover different cultures and your passions than in a vibrant institution that is full of life?

For Marah Tarawneh from Jordan, a well-rounded education, a strong sense of community and close mentorship from professors were exactly what she was seeking for in higher education. At Washington College, she found all three.

She describes her first week as “remarkable,” being welcomed with open arms and receiving all the help she needed to adjust to her new phase in life. She never once felt like she stood out negatively — even though she was only one of two international students in her first-year English class — and always felt treated as an equal. “It has been an amazing experience interacting with the diverse student body at Washington College,” she shares.

Washington College is a place where all can study, work and thrive. It’s where the worth, dignity, and safety of human beings — of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities and/or expressions, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, cultural backgrounds, cognitive or physical abilities, emotional and behavioural characteristics, ages, and educational levels — are appreciated, honoured and included.

This starts from the moment they step foot on campus. During orientation week, Marah could settle down and familiarise herself with new people and new surroundings. There are multiple sessions to explain the various aspects of American culture to students. Resources — such as the Writing Centre and subject-specific tutors — help students overcome language barriers. Meanwhile, the school’s Global Education Office takes care of the other essentials an international student will need to get used to life in Chestertown, Maryland.

“The Global Education Office has been a great help with my adjustment to living in Chestertown. During orientation, they helped us set up bank accounts, phone lines, and social security cards if we wanted to get an on-campus job. They have also assisted me every step of the way when I was applying for CPT and OPT,” says Jessie Ngoc Van Thao Nguyen from Vietnam.

The academic opportunities here are plenty and readily-available for all students, domestic and international — with no limitations. Through a major in Humanities, students can select multiple fields of study to craft a major that is truly in line with their goals. Through Independent Study, students can act on their research interests and bring findings to fruition with the opportunity to design a specialised course and earn credit from doing so.

To make sure everyone has equal access to an enriching education at Washington College, financial resources are provided generously. Cater Society Fellowships fund study abroad opportunities. Around US$1 million is also set aside to cover the expenses of students interested in interning or volunteering.

Diverse, equitable and inclusive

Freshman Anand Mahendra Kadam from India picked Washington College for its tight-knit community. Although he is now studying online from home, he still feels connected to his professors. They are always understanding and keen to engage with international students on topical issues that are relevant to where they are from.

“The professors in all my classes have made a point to ask students if they have any issue regarding the mentioned topics. In my economics and first year seminar class the professors usually ask me how things are going in India and try to relate the topic they are teaching to my experience,” he shares.

There are only around 12 people in each class at Washington College, which means if you are looking to build relationships with your peers, or sit with your professor and converse about your thesis or just life, this is the place for you. Studying at Washington College is an opportunity for students from all over the world to develop in more ways than one in an environment that is inclusive, collaborative and vibrant.

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