Get vaccinated, US uni tells students after mumps suspected
Get vaccinated. Source: Shutterstock

The University of Virginia has urged its students to protect themselves against mumps by taking vaccinations against it, the Washington Post reported.

The advice follows two suspected cases of mumps that were reported there. Students and staff have been alerted of this, according to a UVA spokesman.

“Given that students with mumps will be isolated for five days and asked not to participate in university activities during their period of contagion, we want to help you protect yourself from the virus,” UVA’s Department of Student Health executive director Christopher Holstege said in an email.

“The best protection against mumps is the mumps vaccine, usually MMR. If you have not completed the two-shot series, you should do so now.”

The email also advised students on how to avoid contracting the disease.

MMR refers to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Washington Post notes more than 4,000 cases of mumps infection have been reported this year.

Mumps is a viral disease which spreads through saliva or mucus. Initial common symptoms include fever, muscle ache, fatigue and headaches and swollen or tender glands under a person’s ears. These usually appear 16-18 days after being infected, though sometimes the symptoms may be so mild some may not even know they have been infected, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The American University received a similar message last Friday, warning of a suspected mumps case that had been reported there as well.

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