Industry opportunities in Perth
Source: The University of Western Australia

In the latest IPSOS Metropolitan Living in Australia report, inner Perth earns the top spot for being the best place to live.

Taking a citizen-centric approach, the recently released annual report asks 10,000 members of the public what they believe quantifies a good place to live. After compiling the feedback, it then highlights the top ten most liveable areas in metropolitan and regional Australia for 2018.

Scoring high for affordable housing, high-quality health services, first-rate education and industry opportunities, reliable public transport, a lack of road congestion and social cohesion, Perth is the perfect spot for a study abroad venture in Australia.

Benefiting from its central location, the University of Western Australia (UWA) acknowledges the positive influence Perth has on students, allowing them to balance their studies with a thriving social scene.

“Perth is a popular destination for international students as it offers a study environment in the world’s most populous time zone, shared with 30 percent of the world’s population. It is also only a few hours’ flight time to several Asian cities, making it easy to keep in touch with family and friends. Perth is also the first and only city in Australia to offer free public WiFi in the CBD – a great way to network while out and about,” UWA reveals.

Industry opportunities in Perth

Source: The University of Western Australia

Embracing diversity and student inclusivity, UWA is also the founder of Perth’s cultural highlight, the Perth International Arts Festival, one of the most captivating arts festivals in the world and the longest-running international arts festival in the country.

At the centre of industry opportunities

With countless industry opportunities and 35 percent of all ASX-listed companies in Perth, UWA grants the exposure needed to get noticed before and after graduation. And in a changing workforce, this university actively prepares you to become a globally relevant, responsible leader.

From students launching Sri Lanka’s first marine conservation research and education non-profit organisation to making a real difference when it comes to engineering innovation and new technologies, there’s always a research and study area at UWA that inspires learners to make real-world changes of their own.

Celebrating strong industry partnerships, UWA allows you to use your academic curiosity to help set your goals and professional portfolio apart from the rest.

Just 10 minutes from the central business district, the Perth campus sits nearby networking events, internship openings and opportunities that connect you to permanent roles after graduation.

Source: The University of Western Australia

Source: The University of Western Australia

Lifting your industry opportunities to greater heights, the university also provides a one-on-one mentoring programme called Career Mentor Link.

Helping students manage their career aspirations, preparing them for their future transition to the workplace and establishing mutually beneficial relationships between industry, the university and its students, the Career Mentor Link is a handy tool that assists students in elevating their employability. Matching students with professionals, here, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and career experience of your mentor and widen your professional networks in Perth.

“I think the best aspect is that the programme works as a friendly and informal framework for helping students make career decisions,” notes a previous Career Link mentee.

This exclusive UWA programme also works with OceanWorks Women in Engineering, giving female students the chance to meet an influential female mentor in the fields of STEM.

So, if you’re searching for a university that offers robust industry ties, an accessible city location and a Careers Centre that cares, UWA is a smart route to take.

Preparing you for the future workplace

Acknowledging the need to produce graduates who are better prepared for change and ready to take on the future worlds of work, the UWA course model enables you to be adaptable by allowing you to study subjects you’re passionate about and by giving you the freedom to explore other interests.

Industry opportunities in Perth

Source: The University of Western Australia

The model also supplies a wide range of subject areas for students to explore, granting them the flexibility to adapt to multiple careers, to gain an internationally recognised degree and expand their knowledge and soft skills with broadening units.

Now more than ever, it’s important to become agile and adaptable.

As highlighted in the PwC Workforce of the Future 2030 report by Blair Sheppard, PwC Global Leader of Strategy and Leadership Development, for students to be ready for the future of work, they must know that “It’s not just about acquiring knowledge, but about how to learn.”

With mixed predictions about what skills will be required from the future workforce to secure a permanent job, adaptability will be a key asset for every student and graduate today.

Uniting your talents with an industry-focused location and a course model that enables you to adapt to a changing workforce, UWA is the place to be if you want to study in one of Australia’s most liveable cities with one of the world’s most respected universities.

Embracing the future worlds of work, it’s clear that all UWA graduates are prepared to be agile, focused and ready to secure a prosperous future of their own.

For more information on the opportunities available at UWA, click here.

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