4 universities that are upskilling students for the future worlds of work

The future worlds of work - University of Western Australia
Source: The University of Western Australia

Did you know that 74 percent of people who participated in the PwC Four Worlds of Work survey are ready to learn new skills or re-train to remain employable in the future?

On top of this, 60 percent think few people will have stable, long-term employment in the future, and 73 percent believe technology can never replace the human mind.

Compelling figures from the report explain the current technological transformations in the world of work. Outlining four different worlds – Blue, Red, Yellow and Green – there’s never been a better time to upskill your talents and study at a future-focused university.

Mirroring industry demand, the emphasis on work-integrated learning has heightened in many higher education institutions. With aims to fulfil future expectations, students are taught to be flexible and agile to become readily employable.

This is where the importance of scenario planning comes into play.

The future worlds of work - Australian National University

Source: Australian National University

“We should remember that intellectual complacency is not our friend and that learning – not just new things but new ways of thinking – is a life-long endeavour,” said Blair Sheppard, Global Leader of Strategy and Leadership Development at PwC.

Harnessing the power of human skills in the machine age has evolved into a contagious topic.

When the presence of an automated mind is just too powerful, its crucial for employees to hold onto their ‘humanness’ and use their critical thinking skills and abstract perspectives as a way of standing out from the crowd.

As such, universities should submerge their students in an abundance of soft skills. They should encourage them to innovate, create and embrace their individuality.

“The right mix of people and machines in the workplace – and the implications not only for business but for wider society – is the critical talent question of our age. This is a delicate balancing act for CEOs in every sector and region,” the report explains.

Not only is this a delicate balancing act for CEOs, but also for universities.

The future worlds of work - Monash University Malaysia

Source: Monash University Malaysia

Ensuring that their curriculum prepares students for the future worlds of work, while instilling work-integrated learning and adequate soft skills, is a challenge for most – but it’s not impossible.

Here are four universities that are upskilling students for the future worlds of work…


Racing towards the future worlds of work and rising in the QS World University Rankings 2020, UWA is a top 100 university in Perth, Australia, known for equipping students for globally relevant, responsible leadership and the future worlds of work, through an experience-oriented and values-led curriculum.

An integral part of the GO8, a coalition of the best research-intensive universities in Australia, UWA scored five-stars for student demand, student: teacher ratio and student retention in the Good Universities Guide 2019.

Strategically located, Perth was the only Australian city to receive a mention in the Forbes Top 14 Travel Destinations for 2019 and more than a third of ASX-listed companies are headquartered there.

The future worlds of work - University of Western Australia

Source: The University of Western Australia

Plus, the suburb of Crawley, just 10 minutes from the Perth central business district, is home to the main campus of UWA; perfect for industry connections and nearby internships while studying.

This is a university that enables you to explore the unknown, challenge convention and create your own career path. Instead of being tied to the tracks, you’re free to design your future with one of UWA’s undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes.

Changing the world through research, paired with vibrant student life, UWA grants you the opportunity to gain valuable experience towards your future career, to align your strengths with your aspirations and to adapt to transformative tech and fields of work.

To find out more about UWA, follow the link here.


Located in Canberra, the Australian National University is just one of the many academic institutions that’s growing in popularity among the international student community.

The future worlds of work - Australian National University

Source: Australian National University

Regularly informing learners about the future of work, ANU understands the importance of strategic initiatives and motivates students with the innovation institute, collaborative schemes and interactive learning facilities.

Transforming the university’s creative community, ANU has also opened a new precinct named Kambri. This innovative development centralises student services, health and well-being facilities, and other retail conveniences at the heart of the university, celebrating the wide range of theatre, film, music, food, art and exhibitions offered by both local talent and those from afar.

Matching students’ skills with roles of the future, ANU will drive your international study abroad experience to new levels and your ambitions towards their optimum destiny.


Learning on a multicultural and globally-minded campus in Subang Jaya, students here are exposed to an integrated curriculum from the early stages of their studies.

The future worlds of work - Monash University Malaysia

Source: Monash University Malaysia

From business fields to communications sectors, Monash Malaysia graduates navigate today’s career minefield like true professionals, adhering to traditional practices while inspiring employers and colleagues with their creative, daring and contemporary approaches to work.

Adhering to resourceful career development practices, the university offers internships and work placements that connect you with industry during your degree. These programmes help you define your career goals and give you first-hand experience of potential career paths.

The employment and career development unit operates the online job portal, Career Gateway, which lists full-time, part-time and voluntary vacancies, including graduate programmes and internship opportunities.

Placing your professional progress first, Monash won’t let you fall behind in the future worlds of work.

Instead, this school will adapt your skill set so you can critically analyse, understand and interpret data and apply soft skills to relevant work situations, upgrading your knowhow and your expertise from the day your degree starts until you’ve secured your dream role.


Crowned the world’s best in the THE University Impact Rankings 2019, the University of Auckland has proved its ability to deliver the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The future worlds of work - University of Auckland

Source: University of Auckland

Speaking to THE, University of Auckland Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stuart McCutcheon, said the university benefits from the country having “‘a long history of making significant contributions to society’, referencing the country being the first to enfranchise women 125 years ago” as an example.

Focused on the future, it’s a university worth choosing for your studies with, especially if you’re excited about moving to the stunning landscapes of Auckland.

The university is a member of three international networks of research-led universities, the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), Universitas 21 (U21) and Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). Providing a strong platform for collaborative research, both professors and students benefit from the university’s global connections.

The city campus is also in the heart of Auckland, within walking distance of all the main cultural, entertainment and commercial hubs – a great advantage for those seeking work experience in the city.

Striving for student success in all future worlds of work, the university serves as a progressive, academic platform.

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