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Distance learning can be a game changer for many people. It offers the flexibility to study at your own pace and schedule, allowing you to juggle education with work, family or other life commitments. It transcends any geographical challenges that make it hard to attend classes or travel for opportunities — with online degrees, students can access educational resources from anywhere in the world.

In this respect, EU Business School leads the way. Awarded four stars for excellence in business education by QS Stars, EU brings together Swiss values, an international mindset and a pragmatic approach. The school’s Digital Campus is all encompassing, blurring the lines between online and in-person degrees. Students learn through live interactive webinars, group projects and business simulations.

The user-friendly web platforms give you easy access to classes run by acclaimed lecturers, who deliver live, personalised tutoring to students from all over the world. “You’re assigned to a counsellor, who is with the student for the whole learning journey to help you get into it because sometimes it can get overwhelming,” says Pauline Casanova, Head of Faculty. Thanks to this one-to-one attention, students benefit from the flexibility and convenience of studying with the digital campus, with no compromise on quality of education.

Pauline Casanova is the Head of Faculty at EU. Source: EU Business School

Pauline Casanova is the Head of Faculty at EU. Source: EU Business School

What makes EU’s digital learning stand out against the competition is its dynamic on-campus weeks. They give students the chance to make life-long connections with their peers and gain even more industry insights as they attend events, guest lectures and company visits together.

“This is something we organise across each campus, specifically for MBA and master’s students to join us on campus,” says Pauline. “We do small activities like team bonding. It gives them a chance to meet in real life. It is a great opportunity to meet with your peers and maybe network on campus. It’s a good chance to travel and change your routine with a new experience.” While the events are mandatory for postgraduate candidates, bachelor’s students may also attend on a voluntary basis.

EU’s digital programmes mirror the on-campus experience with the help of innovative technology. As the school boasts a student body of over 100 nationalities, it ensures that no matter your background, you receive the support you need. “We offer bridging programmes where you can build your English skills,” adds Pauline. The Business Bridging programme, for instance, provides candidates with the knowledge required to succeed in its three-year bachelor’s programmes.

Ramzi Arakji, 24, is a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management graduate from Lebanon who switched from in-person to digital learning. “The reason that I changed from the Barcelona Campus to the EU Digital Campus was that I was going to play professional-level basketball, and would need additional time to train and travel,” he says. “The professors were very flexible with regard to my training and games schedule, allowing me to change the time of my classes and have one-to-one sessions with my tutors to catch up on any lesson material that I had missed due to my sporting commitments. It was great to be able to balance my studies with my personal life.”

Ramzi Arakji, a BA in Sports Management graduate, now has his own business in Barcelona. Source: EU Business School

Ramzi Arakji, a BA in Sports Management graduate, now has his own business in Barcelona. Source: EU Business School

Comprising six semesters over three years, the Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management is internationally accredited by ACBSP, IACBE, IQA and certified by eduQua. Students are equipped with a deep understanding of the international sponsorship and corporate competition which has turned sports into a multibillion-euro industry. This degree simultaneously sharpens their innovation abilities and develops skills to navigate the business and financial side of sports management.

Completing this degree programme digitally also unlocks additional benefits. “Studying with the Digital Campus helps you to become independent and develop your leadership skills,” explains Ramzi. “You have to do your own research, which pushes you to self-motivate. A big thing for me is that I graduated with an entrepreneurial mindset, as I was developing my own projects whilst I was studying. I really entered the job market with that attitude already in place.”

A Bachelor of Business Administration has the same accreditations but explores a broader industry scope. This comprehensive degree gives you a feel for the full range of functions in the business world. Its holistic approach makes you valuable to any type of company, especially as your business acumen can be applied on a global scale. On the other hand, the Bachelor of Arts in International Relations focuses on combining a global international relations outlook with practical skills in business thinking. Graduates walk away with an expansive understanding of the global economic environment, recognising politics, cross-cultural values and ethics.

While we can easily extoll the many benefits of distance learning — from flexibility and convenience to affordability — EU’s Digital Campus is exceptional, thanks to its interactive assessments and networking opportunities in the form of on-campus events. Ramzi, who now runs his own business, Oakberry in Barcelona, believes that digital learning at this school is superior. “My experience with EU was really satisfying,” he says. “My study plan was adapted based on my commitments, letting me maintain my education and leading to my degree.”

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