University of West London: Supporting your career for life
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University of West London: Supporting your career for life

The University of West London (UWL) is strategically located in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic cities, making it an ideal place for students to live and learn. Being in London means you have access to many internships, work placements and networking opportunities that can enhance your career prospects.

This pairs well with UWL’s career-focused education. The university prides itself on being the “Career University,” which means that your education is designed with your future career in mind. Such success is achieved through high-quality teaching and great student experience. For example, the university is in the top 30% of universities nationwide in The Guardian University Guide 2024 and was named the best university for Student Experience and Teaching Quality in the UK in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2024. These rankings highlight the university’s dedication to providing a supportive and effective learning environment in order to help students achieve their career goals.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the School of Human and Social Sciences (SHSS). SHSS offers a wide range of courses in areas such as psychology, criminology, forensic science, sociology and education. Whichever course you choose, you will learn by doing; courses embed applied sessions offering many opportunities for hands-on experiences and reflection. This lets you better connect and apply theories and knowledge learned in lecture halls to real-world problems.

“Interactive and well-designed lectures and seminars have not only allowed me to understand difficult topics but also to actively participate in them through discussion and fun activities,” shares graduate Linda Bakkouche.

UWL offers a wide range of courses designed to meet the demands of today’s job market. Source: University of West London

Students also benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of SHSS courses. You will experience a wide range of perspectives and gain a better understanding of course material and greater insight into your own skills and values. By taking part in placements and projects, you have the opportunity to engage with real-world situations and experience positive professional practices whilst meeting people from many walks of life. Along the way, you build a broad foundation in critical thinking, analytical skills, sustainable practices, wellbeing and resilience, equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), as well as principles of social justice.

It is a gratifying journey just as much as it’s an effective way to prepare students for career success. Perhaps this is why SHSS is well loved by graduates — its criminology courses are ranked number one among modern* universities in London and its education courses are ranked top in London for satisfaction with assessment, according to the Guardian’s University Guide 2024.

None of this would have been possible without UWL’s lecturers who always go above and beyond to make classes interactive and engaging. Speaking about her lecturers, graduate Hannah Rowe says, “They have a wealth of knowledge in their sectors and encourage me to think critically about my topic. Their passion is infectious, and I look forward to using the knowledge I have gained from them to make a difference in the education sector.”

Another graduate, Rebecca Mbamba, credits her lecturers for “sparking her interest” in topics she never thought she would take particular interest in and supporting her every step of the way. “I love how lecturers have always looked to the assignment and provided us guidance on how to do our assessment,” she says. “I love that there’s lots of study support if we are struggling with an assignment. For example, there is Maths and English support, peer support and general study support which you can do either face to face or online.”

With so much achieved during their undergraduate years, many stay on to pursue their postgraduate studies here. The School offers master’s degrees in specialised areas such as health psychology and criminology, as well as a range of research degrees. These postgraduate degrees are designed to sharpen your expertise, enhance your research skills, and prepare you for success in your career.

Courses offered by the School are accredited by prestigious professional bodies, such as the British Psychological Society and the Chartered Society of Forensic Science. This accreditation not only ensures that the courses meet high standards of quality and relevance but also enhances your employability upon graduation. Employers recognise the value of these accreditations, which can give you a competitive edge when looking for jobs.

*Modern universities are defined as higher education institutions that were granted university status in, and subsequent to, 1992.

UWL is consistently recognised for its quality of teaching and student satisfaction. Source: University of West London

Whether you’re a bachelor’s or master’s student, UWL is committed to ensuring you’re ready for your next steps after graduation. They work closely with professional organisations and employers to equip students with practical experience and networking opportunities. This collaboration helps to ensure that the curriculum is aligned with industry needs and that students are well-prepared for the workforce.

And even when you’ve left UWL, you can access its career support and counselling, which are lifelong. As a graduate, you’re still welcome to get expert advice, use the space at the Westmont Enterprise Hub to work on your next venture, attend career fairs and more.

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