University of Waikato College: Paving the way to postgraduate success
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University of Waikato College: Paving the way to postgraduate success

Taking your skills to the next level is exciting and opens up opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. A master’s degree is one of the best ways to achieve this goal, and the rewards and benefits of earning this advanced qualification are well worth the hard work it will take to overcome the challenges of study.

Not only will a master’s degree expand your knowledge and boost job prospects, but it will instil a sense of confidence that can set the tone for a lifetime of success. These are precisely the kind of transformations the University of Waikato College aims to inspire.

The Diploma in Postgraduate Preparation – Pre-Masters (DipPP) serves as a crucial stepping stone for students who possess a tertiary qualification but do not meet the academic entry criteria to join a University of Waikato master’s programme. It’s also an alternative pathway for international students to pursue a wider range of master’s degree conversion programmes that do not require a discipline-specific undergraduate degree.

The DipPP covers English for Academic Purposes, Personal and Professional Capabilities, Professional Communication, Research Methods, as well as New Zealand Context and Society. The journey culminates with a Professional Project, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding and readiness for postgraduate studies.

Successful completion requires a pass in each of the seven papers — an achievable goal with all the support the University of Waikato College offers. All students receive personalised attention and guidance from lecturers and tutors experienced in international education.

Once students successfully complete the DipPP, they unlock direct entry into one of several progression degrees. The University of Waikato’s Faculty of Law offers a Master of Legal Studies. The School of Health is home to a comprehensive Master of Nursing Practice and the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences offers a Master of Information Technology.

The university’s Triple Crown-accredited Waikato Management School offers a Master of Applied Finance, Master of Business and Management, Master of Digital Business, Master of Professional Accounting, and a Master of Management in Supply Chain Management.

Keziah Achshah Guha successfully progressed to the Master of Information Technology:

Keziah celebrated her graduation with a Master of Information Technology
Source: University of Waikato

“I’ve always been interested in cybersecurity and being able to get a master’s under my belt was always the dream,” says the international student from India.

The programme taught her everything there is to know about information visualisation, malware analysis, penetration testing, and cybersecurity. Today, Guha is flexing her newfound skills as an Information Security Advisor at DataTorque, a software company in Wellington. Her role revolves around building and implementing the organisation’s security policies.

Norah (Qingwen) Guan’s journey was a little different. After completing her undergraduate studies in China, she began working at Unilever, where she went from key account assistant to a sales representative and sales and marketing specialist to assistant key account manager. After 10 years with the company, she decided it was time to take her skills to the next level and applied to join the Master of Business and Management at Waikato Management School. “The one-year postgraduate course suited my needs perfectly,” she says.

Norah (Qingwen) Quan graduated with Master of Business and Management
Source: University of Waikato

She embraced every opportunity it came with, including working with diverse classmates to complete papers. While initially challenging, she quickly recognised the potential for personal growth and embraced the collaborative process. This came in handy during her three-month internship with Blue Pacific Minerals. So positive was her experience that she considers it her calling to build a career in New Zealand after she graduates.

It’s easy to understand why international students decide to start their careers in New Zealand after graduation. Ranked the second safest country in the world, New Zealand is renowned for its high-quality education system with excellent post-study work rights and is a welcoming destination for international students. Hamilton, situated in the heart of New Zealand, provides a vibrant and inclusive community with a balance of natural beauty and urban amenities.

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