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5 reasons to study in New Zealand and the University of Waikato

Studying abroad is life-changing. However, this can only happen by taking the first step: choosing the right destination. With what feels like too many options to choose from, students can only chart their path when aware of what they would like to achieve and which qualification can get them there.

Searches usually come to a halt when students set their sights on New Zealand, a beautiful, welcoming island country in the South Pacific Ocean. While picturesque, it is also home to some of the most excellent universities in the world — like the University of Waikato, which ranks 331st globally for its focus on research, academic excellence and cutting-edge innovation.

But don’t let its prestige fool you — it is also as accessible as can be thanks to the unrivalled pathway that is the University of Waikato College. Here are five reasons why it’s known as the “ultimate study destination”:

 University of Waikato College

Source: University of Waikato College

World-class education

The University of Waikato College offers several courses and programmes aimed at international students, including the foundation pathway programme as well as academic and general English language programmes.

The Certificate of Attainment in Foundation Studies serves as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree. Those who complete the Foundation Studies programme can join most University of Waikato undergraduate degree programmes, including the Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Engineering.

With an International Diploma in Business or Computer Science, no time is wasted while international students adapt to a more western approach to learning. With this one-year pathway programme, students move smoothly into year two of the bachelor’s degree. This allows them to complete their pathway and degree within three years.

Ultimately, all programmes lead to the University of Waikato, where globally-recognised qualifications await. The university is renowned for its research, academic excellence and cutting-edge innovation, attracting both students and academics from around the world.

The university is home to the leading business school in New Zealand with Triple Crown Accreditation, placing it in the top 1% of business schools globally. Let’s not forget the setting — a campus with world-class facilities nestled in lush surrounds.

 University of Waikato College

Source: University of Waikato College

Safe, peaceful, happy country

To thrive academically, international students must feel safe in their environment. Notably, New Zealand is ranked the second safest in the world by The Global Peace Index in 2022. And, according to the UN-sponsored World Happiness Report, it ranks the 10th happiest.

Enviable lifestyle

Student Yuxin from China considers her move to New Zealand to be the best decision she’s ever made. “We have waterfalls, mountains and beaches that are just so peaceful,” she enthuses.

The unbeatable city of Hamilton, where the University of Waikato is based, is conveniently located in the centre of the North Island, an ideal destination for both adrenaline junkies and tranquillity lovers. It embodies Māori culture, boasting a warm and welcoming spirit, magnificent parks, close proximity to golden beaches, expansive trails, rippling waterfalls, great food, legendary nightlife, and a wealth of other exciting attractions. Where better to effortlessly balance out the rigours of an in-depth degree programme?

Lower cost of living

Getting accustomed to a developed country while enjoying nature has never been easier for those who choose New Zealand The city of Hamilton continuously stands out for its comparative affordability.

Students at the University of Waikato College will be able to save significantly on housing as well since all are offered the chance to live on campus. Settling in is simple thanks to the Buddy Programme, set in place to ensure new students receive all the support they need through life in university and Hamilton.

 University of Waikato College

Source: University of Waikato College

Career outcomes

University of Waikato educators believe that theory and hands-on experience are a powerful combination that results in job-ready graduates, the kind who are highly sought after and stand out from the crowd. International students keen on applying knowledge and leveraging their experiences should be happy to know that New Zealand’s growing economy steadily creates jobs.

The government’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment predicts average annual GDP growth of about 2.7% and 2.5% over 2018-23 and 2023-28 respectively. These rates indicate that the country will need approximately 40,000 new workers a year.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to apply today and let the University of Waikato fast-track your journey to career success.

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