University of Szeged: Preparing students for a career in tourism and catering
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University of Szeged: Preparing students for a career in tourism and catering

University of Szeged, situated in southern Hungary, opens the doors to a world of opportunities. Here, you’ll find over 80 degree programmes, excellent research facilities, and a multicultural community.

The university has a track record of providing quality education across different levels, from bachelor’s to doctoral programmes, along with vocational and specialist training. According to the QS World University Rankings, it is one of Hungary’s best educational institutions, with its EU accreditation and consistent top rankings. But it’s not just about the pursuit of knowledge alone. Szeged is just as committed to nurturing students into entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers.

Within the university, you will find the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, a launchpad for aspiring future leaders in the fields of Economics, Tourism and Catering, as well Business Administration and Management. Established in 1999, the faculty’s English-language programmes have attracted international students from all around the world. Its bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes blend both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for transforming students into career-ready graduates.

The Tourism and Catering (BSc) provides students with professional knowledge and skills for a successful career. Source: University of Szeged

One of the faculty’s more recent programmes is the Tourism and Catering (BSc). Spanning four years, it’s ideal for those seeking to become fully-licensed economists who are ready to take on managerial positions in this dynamic field. In Hungary and in Szeged, Tourism and Catering programmes are part of Economics and Business education.

“Our basic aim in the Tourism and Catering Bachelor Programme is to provide the industry with highly skilled managerial professionals, who, using their knowledge in economics and business, are able to operate complex ventures in the field of Tourism,” says programme leader Prof. Dr. Bertalan Pusztai. “In order to achieve this, we offer our students not only the internationally acknowledged economics and business education of the Szeged Business School, but also the knowledge and experience of leading professionals of the Tourism and Catering industry.”

With the economics and business education part of the curriculum accredited by EFMD — the leading international system of quality assessment, improvement and accreditation of business programmes — you can be assured of the BSc’s international recognition and quality.

Throughout your BSc, you’ll benefit from an excellent faculty, including not only esteemed professors but also several professionals from the tourism and catering sectors. These industry practitioners bring real-world expertise and insights into the classroom, enriching your learning experience and preparing you for the challenges and opportunities in the field.

A Szeged education is as enriching as it’s engaging. Source: University of Szeged

Bethel Ekoh, a second-year student hailing from Nigeria, was at first uncertain of which university and programme to join. After lots of research, she’s convinced she’s found the best programme for her aspirations in the fields of travel and business.

“I left Nigeria and committed to studying Tourism and Catering at Szeged. I’ve met professors who are actual professionals in their fields and I’ve gone to some of their places of work, such as the Novotel Hotel for my ‘Basics of Hotel Business’ course. There were real lawyers for the ‘Business Law and Labour Law’ course and project managers for the ‘Tourism Tenders’ course,” she says. “Along the way, I’ve learned that studying Tourism and Catering is an exciting and fulfilling experience that makes you strive for improvement and strive for more — to explore, to improve and to serve.”

The programme is a great way to prepare for a future in this dynamic field whilst meeting interesting people from around the world. Source: University of Szeged

The curriculum is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in managerial roles within the tourism and catering industry. From understanding market trends and consumer behaviour to mastering operational strategies and hospitality management, each course is created to provide you with a solid foundation for a successful career.

For Enikő Gróf, a fourth-year student from Hungary, the programme provided more than just theoretical knowledge. “We did not just gather a lot of practical knowledge, but made important connections that could base our path in the tourism sector at the same time,” Gróf says.

Internships are part of the programme. These provide hands-on experiences, allowing you to apply the knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom to real-world situations. “The courses and the compulsory internships gave me a deeper understanding of the field, which resulted in more motivation to continue working in the industry,” shares fourth-year student Flóra K. Szabó.

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